Visualize Your Happy Place

visualize your happy placeVisualization is an incredibly powerful tool you can use to simulate an environment or stimulus that makes you feel as though you were there. This can fool your brain into thinking that whatever you’re imagining is real. One way you can use visualization is, when you’re in a difficult situation, visualize your happy place. This can help to quickly calm your mind and bring you back into a good mental space.

A happy place is a place that you’ve created in your mind’s eye that makes you feel calm and at ease. Visualizing your happy place is useful for its own therapeutic ends. Here you’re going to use it to prepare yourself to enter a calm and suggestible state for self-hypnosis.

What Should a Happy Place be?

Often, a hypnosis script will tell you to go to your happy space. If you don’t know where that place is, instead of calming you, it can be jarring and even stressful. So, how do you choose your happy place?

Answer this, what kind of environment automatically ops into your mind when you hear “visualize your happy place”? Some people prefer a trail in the forest, where they smell pine trees and hear the crunch of pine needles under their feet. Others, a tranquil tropical island with swaying palm trees and a light breeze in the air. For others still, it’s the sights, sounds and smells of the beach. Whatever comes to your mind immediately is a good place to start.

When you think “visualize your happy place” and nothing comes to mind, try asking yourself a few simple but revealing questions. For example, when was the last time you felt truly happy or calm? Where were you? What were you doing? Is there a place now, or in your past, that you would go to when you were upset to calm yourself down?

Bringing Your Happy Place to Life

Once you’ve got an idea of at least what your happy place is like, you can then to bring it to life. Make it as real as possible. One way you can visualize your happy place is by drawing on your real, past experiences. You’ll use these experiences to paint a picture in your mind.

Another strategy is to try drawing what your happy place looks like. This is a good way to decide on the physical dimensions and layout of your happy place. This will make the space more ‘real’ in your mind.

One last thing. As you visualize your happy place, be sure to include all your senses. Fill your happy place with sights, sounds and smells. This will make it seem more real.

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