Secrets for Achieving Your Goals with Less Work and Less Time

achieving your goals

How would you like to work less and get more done?

Feeling overwhelmed? With today’s pace, life can make you feel like you’re working all the time and getting little to nothing completed, just like a headless chicken.

Would you like to know the secrets to better achieving your goals while doing less? Maybe streamlining your schedule and paring down your activities is what you need to do.

Benefits of Doing Less

1. You Get Focused Progress

Too many projects dissipate your resources. When you concentrate on doing less you make more progress on the things you are working on.

2. Have more creative time

It’s hard to be creative when you have back to back to back projects. Having a little idle time can help trigger your creativity.

3. You’ll be less stressed

Setting realistic expectations will greatly reduce your stress. Putting too much on your plate gives you a lot more stuff to worry about.  If your to-do list stretches out into infinity you’re going to feel overwhelmed. Focus on your most important tasks.

4. You’ll improve your health

Like you read above, trying to do too much causes unnecessary pressure and stress. Stress has been shown to aggravate all types of physical maladies.  Simplifying your life you might just be what the doctor ordered.

5. You’ll enjoy life more

Focusing on a few tasks, reducing your workload and lowering your stress and anxiety will help you find more pleasure and satisfaction in what you do each day. By devoting your time to what’s most important to you you’ll be giving a huge boost to your attitude.

A Dozen Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More

1.  Establish Your Values

Your values are what are most important to you. Is it family time, improving your health or playing the piano? Identify your top three priorities.

2. Start your day with a positive routine

Read an inspirational book, watch a motivational video, mediate, go for a walk or practice yoga. Do something that sets your mind in a positive direction for the day.

3. Become a mono-tasker    

There is lots of talk about multitasking. Studies show that multi-tasking just doesn’t work for most people. Instead, focus on doing one thing at a time. Get one things done and then move on to the next. This allows you to give the proper care and consideration to each of the tasks on your list.

Achieving Your Goals

Black Belt Secrets for Achieving Your Goals

4. Quality before quantity

Instead of focusing on how fast you can do your work focus on how well you do it. Be known for the quality of your achievements.

Rushed work is seldom good for you or for your work. Remember the tortoise and the hare, in the long run a deliberate pace helps finish the race.

This can help you get the results you want.

5. Be here and now

Concentrate on the present moment instead of trying to figure out what you have to do next.  Become completely absorbed in whatever you’re doing. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by everything else.

6. Practice belly breathing

Most people don’t breathe correctly. Learn to breathe deeply by bringing air into your belly. Feel your abdomen rise and fall. Notice how your whole body relaxes.

7. Schedule play time           

Life isn’t all about work. Give yourself some time to play around. Go to the park with your kids or watch your dog explore at the beach.

8. Take short afternoon naps

Have you ever taken a short 10 minute nap in the afternoon? It makes you feel great doesn’t it?

9. Cut down on your connectivity

Trying to keep up with all your emails, Facebook and LinkedIn posts and text messages can be very stressful. While you probably need to keep your smart phone, learn to ignore it. You’ll get a lot more done.

10. Clean it up

Clutter also clutters your mind. When your environment is orderly it promotes efficiency. Start by finding an organizing system that works for you.

11. Don’t be known as a “busy person”

I know people who are always trying to “one up” each other on how busy they are. Busyness isn’t something you need to compete in.

12. Review and plan your day before bed

You need to make simplifying your life an ongoing process. Before you go to bed check out what you did well, what you could improve and you’re your day will be like tomorrow.

 Achieving Your Goals

Black Belt Secrets for Achieving Your Goals

Use These Life Simplifying Secrets to Start Achieving Your Goals Today

Goal accomplishment isn’t a matter of how much you can push into a day. It’s about what you fill your life and how well you live it.

By taking control over how you spend your time you’ll notice a huge change in your stress levels and your health. It also makes a huge difference in the quality of your work.

Begin today by setting your priorities and engaging in activities that add meaning to your life. Not only will you be less stressed you’ll get more done.

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