The 7 Worst Foods to Lose Weight

foods to lose weight

These are not foods to lose weight

There are some foods you should never eat if you’re trying to lose weight. In addition to being unhealthy, these foods can add pounds to your body almost just by looking at them.

When reading this list you may think, “But I love to eat (fill in the blank).” While that may be true, if you really want to get and stay healthy you need to cut these foods out to a bare minimum.

Here is a list of foods to avoid and some alternatives foods to lose weight you can choose instead:

French Fries

While French fired are quick, easy and fairly inexpensive, they are not good for you, even if they’re fried in non-trans fats. Potatoes are a starch and frying them in grease fills them with oil. This makes them an unhealthy food that’s full of calories.

If you like eating potatoes eat a baked potato or even some mashed ones. A better choice is sweet potatoes because they’re filled with vitamins and fiber.


What is the most common food brought into the workplace to share? Donuts, of course.

While donuts can be tasty treats, their calories can plump you up in no time at all. While eating one every once in a while is okay, the problem is most people can’t stop at just one.

Instead of eating donuts as your morning treat, eat a plain grain bagel and a piece of fruit. This will give you both the starch and sweetness with less than half the calories.

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream, especially at night? While it tastes wonderful, ice cream has high fat content and is filled will empty calories.  Save this treat for special occasions.

Instead of ice cream try Italian Ice or Tofutti.

Fruit Smoothies

The best way to have fruit is to eat it. When you juice apples and oranges you remove most of their fiber. Additionally the smoothies you buy at the smoothie shop are often made to taste sweeter with sugar or ice cream. This adds lots of empty calories to your “healthy” drink.

Instead of drinking fruit smoothies, stick to eating fresh fruits like apples, oranges, pears and bananas.


Just like ice cream, pies should be saved for special occasions. Pies are stuffed with sugar and, frequently contain high amounts of Trans-fat. Just one slice of pecan pie can contain more than 500 calories.

Again, eat fresh fruits rather than these high calories deserts.


While dark chocolate does have some redeeming qualities like antioxidants, milk chocolate just contains lots of calories with little nutrition.

If you must eat chocolate do it sparingly and stick with the dark variety.


Margarine was once publicized as a strong alternative to butter but it’s not in reality. While it doesn’t contain the cholesterol, a number of the cheaper varieties contain Trans-fat.

If you must use margarine try to only use smaller amounts, or choose a margarine that is marked as Trans fat free.

Choose Low Fat Alternatives

If you want to lose weight the best thing you can do is to avoid these foods all together. The second best thing you can do is to use them sparingly.

Do it for life.


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