4 Simple Ways to Find Happiness

ways to find happiness“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”Dalai Lama

According to a study I read recently most people are interested in finding more happiness in their lives. It seems as though people are just not that happy.

When asked for ways to they could find happiness many people said having more “stuff” or more money would help them to be happier with their lives. Things like having a better car or a better house were tops in their ways to find happiness.

Now I agree that having a car that starts every time you get in can make it easier to be happy if it means you don’t have to walk everywhere. I also agree that if you are currently struggling to pay your bills having more money can make it your life easier.

But can having more money and “things” really make you happier?

While having things and money can remove some of the obstacles to finding happiness, when push comes to shove almost everyone agrees that they don’t really provide happiness.

Let’s look at four free and easy ways to find happiness:

1. Make Every Day Something to Look Forward to

Having something to look forward to is one of the easiest ways to find happiness. Many people aren’t happy because every day they’re living the same old boring routine.

When you have something to look forward to you spring out of bed in the morning and move through your day with anticipation.

What do you look forward to?  Think about something you’d really like to do or see. It can be as simple as volunteering at the local shelter or your bi-weekly yoga class.

Whatever it is, finding happiness is as close as having something you look forward to.

2. Do Something You Like

I have met many people who make lots of money but are miserable because they spend their time doing things they don’t really like.

Life is short, too short to dislike what you do every day. So one of the best ways to find happiness is to spend your days doing stuff you love to do.

If you feel that you can’t leave your job (and many people can’t) find ways to spend your time outside of work in activities that are meaningful to you. Make a list of things you think would help you to be happier and start incorporating them into your life. If you can find work that you’re extremely passionate about, even better!

3. Fill Your Downtime with Things that Make You Happier

Instead of making their life more fulfilling, many people fill their downtime with distractions.

When you’re bored, lonely, anxious, or sad and don’t have something to do, you begin to look for distractions that lead to less than ideal behaviors.

You know the distractions I’m referring. These are things like watching TV, surfing the internet, eating when you aren’t hungry, shopping for stuff you don’t really want or need, drinking alcohol to excess and taking recreational drugs, serial dating, and more.

You look for these distractions because you are struggling to find happiness.

The problem is these se behaviors do not deal with your underlying issues of being bored and unhappy and often result in creating even more difficulties.

Better ways to fill your downtime could be reading something worthwhile, going for a walk or a jog, meeting up with a friend or someone you would like to be friends with and doing something fun. You could also start a class at the local community college or take up a new hobby.

Take a step back and take a look at your automatic behaviors. If you find you’re going to the fridge to find something to eat and you’re not hungry, simply STOP and ask yourself why you’re doing this then try to determine what other action you could take.

One of the best ways to find happiness is to substitute a negative habit with a new, more beneficial habit, one that brings you closer to the good life you imagine for you and your family.

4. Give Love

Loving someone is a simple way for you to be instantly happier.

“Everybody needs somebody to love” has been recorded by a number of artists including Wilson Pickett and the Rolling Stones and they’re right.

If you don’t have someone to love right now, go find someone. Your world is full of people that feel unloved so it shouldn’t take you too long to find someone to love.

As Robert A. Heinlein wrote in his book, “Stranger in a Strange Land’ “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

Go find someone to love. It will fill your life with happiness.

Finding Happiness is Not about More Money or Toys

Having meaningful relationships, doing things you like and having something to look forward to are all excellent ways to find happiness and don’t have to cost you a penny. They will also give you dividends beyond measure.

Finding happiness can be as easy as incorporating these ideas into your life. Why not start using them today?


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