Using the Power of Questions to Improve Your Life

power of questions

Are you harnessing the power of questions?

We are questioning machines. From the time you get up until the time you go to bed at you are asking questions.

“Where is my report?” “What am I doing for diner?” “What is our next step?” These are the types of questions we ask all day long.

Empowering vs. Disempowering Questions

power of questions

How to Use Questions to Improve Your Life!

Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches us that questions can either be empowering or disempowering.

For example asking, “Why can’t I do anything right?” doesn’t empower you. If you ask this question your brain is going to search for an answer such as “It’s because I’ve been like that my whole life”.

You brain will try to answer your questions, even if it has to make up the answers. That’s why asking the right questions are so important.

One of the best Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques involves harnessing the power of questions. By asking better questions you receive empowering answers, answers that will improve your life.

Here are 6 simple methods you can use to harness the amazing power of questions:

1. Ask yourself Empowering Questions Every Morning

Developing a set of questions that you can ask yourself every morning is one of the simplest ways to wake up on the positive side of the bed. Ask questions designed to motivate you, give you energy and a positive focus.

Here are a few you can try:

• “Who and what am I grateful for?”

If you can’t think of anything then ask, “If I could be grateful, who or what could I be grateful for?”

• “What do I like about my work?”

If you can’t think of anything then ask, “If I could like something about my work, what would it be?”

• “Who needs my help today and how can I help them?”

Think about questions that help you to wake up motivated and inspired.

2. Listen to Your Mental Chatter

All day long you are asking questions. Pay attention to them. Write them down, both the empowering and disempowering ones.

You will be surprised by how many of the questions you habitually ask yourself are disempowering.

We live in a negative world and it’s easy to find yourself asking self sabotaging questions. It’s important to reverse this trend and ask supporting questions.

•If you find you are asking a disempowering question stop and correct yourself on the spot then come up with an empowering question that you can ask yourself.

As an example, “Why am I always late?” could become, “What can I do to be on time in the future?”

• One of the secrets of highly successful people is they ask themselves empowering questions. Use this secret to empower yourself every day!

3. Ask Everyone Empowering Questions    

Ask empowering questions as you interact with others. The wrong questions can make the people you come into contact with defensive. This can put up barriers and make solutions very difficult to find.

Instead, ask empowering questions that help you both find a mutually beneficial solution.

•For example, if one of your employees is having a problem with his group, you could ask him, “What can we do to develop better relationships in our group?” This is more effective than asking, “Why can’t you ever get along with anyone?”

As you begin to ask better questions you’ll find that the effectiveness of your communication will improve dramatically.

4. Ask Questions When Face with a Challenge

You are either problem focused or solution focused.

When your attention is on the problem your problem grow.  When your attention is on solutions, you will be guided toward finding solutions.

When faced with a challenge use empowering questions to guide your focus. This will help you focus on finding a solution.

5. Ask Goal Achieving Questions

Your questions need to support your goals.

If your goal is to reduce what you weigh then ask yourself questions that lead to healthy food choices. For example, “What lunch choice would I enjoy that supports my healthy weight management goal?”

In order to make good choices develop questions in advance that will lead you in the direction of goal achievement.

6. Ask yourself Empowering Questions Every Evening

Develop questions that you ask yourself every evening before you go to bed.

You could ask yourself some of your morning questions. You can also ask:

“What did I accomplish today?”

“What did I do well today?”

What did I learn today?”

“What was the best thing that happened to me today?”

Start Putting the Power of Questions to Work for You

Questions are powerful and help steer the direction of your life. They develop your focus and have a lasting effect on your level of success.

You can use the power of questions to improve your relationships, your work and your life in general. Good question can help you through your day and even help you sleep better at night.

Asking effective questions can change your life. Learn to harness the power of asking effective questions and your life will improve in surprising ways.

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How to Use Questions to Improve Your Life!

A Guide to Help You Improve Your Life!

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