The Theory of Goals and Goal Setting

Goals and Goal Setting

The Importance of Goals and Goal Setting

“Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving.”Dennis Waitley

Many philosophers tell us that identifying and mapping out methods to set and reach goals are some of the most natural factors of human behavior.

The theory of goals and goal setting gives us four basic ideas:

1. Defining goals and goal setting happen automatically and rationally.

2. Each individual determines how much time and effort they want to put into reaching their goals.

3. To be effective your goals must be specific, realistic and attainable.

4. Your goals must be measureable to give you feedback on your performance.

The theory of goals and goal setting assumes all of the above and also makes the following general claims:

1. Goals and goal setting affects your behavior.

2. The more difficult the goal the higher your level of performance.

3. Your present motivation comes as a result of the lessons you have learned from previous goals and goal setting exercises.

4. The clarity of your goal affects your performance.

5. The more difficult the goal the higher your satisfaction when you achieve it.

The Importance of Setting Goals to Your Future Behavior

The theory of goals and goal setting assumes that identifying your goals helps you make more calculated decisions. Once your initial goals are realized, they naturally direct and provide you motivation.

Your goal achievement actually spurs you on to set and commit to more goals. This motivates you to arrange their schedule in a way that you can focus on achieving the goals you have set.

The Importance of Setting Difficult Goals

Your performance is directly correlated to the difficulty of your goals.

If a goal is easy to achieve it gives you little motivation. On the other hand setting more difficult goals will increase your motivation and lift your level of performance.

One thing to remember is that if a task is too daunting, it can de-motivate you.

According to the Theory of Goals and Goal Setting, Performance is Influenced by Four Key Factors

First, goal setting centers your attention to actions that will lead to achieving your goal. This reduces the time and energy you can give to unrelated things.

Second, as mentioned earlier, the bigger the goal, the more effort you need to put into its achievement.


Third, when you know you have control over the time and effort you need to achieve your goal you will become more persistent.

Fourth, setting and achieving goals will teach you lessons that can be used for future goals and goal setting.

You Increase Your Present Motivation by Your Past Actions

Let’s face it the more you do the more experience you have. This experience gives you reference points you can turn to when setting and achieving new goals.

Even if you have failed to achieve past goals your exposure and experience will increase your motivation. This is because you are already familiar with the situation and your experience gives you the confidence to attempt it again.

The theory of goals and goal setting tells us that errors and dissatisfactions will push you to do better the next time.

The Clearer Your Goal, the Better Your Performance

When you have a clear picture of what you wants to attain, it’s a lot easier to identify what needs to be done. This is the fastest way to reach your goal.

Your performance works at its full potential this way.

The Greater the Challenge the Greater Your Satisfaction

This is the importance of setting difficult goals. When you complete a difficult task you just plain feel better about yourself.

According to the theory of goals and goal setting, your satisfaction levels are driven by the amount of effort and sacrifice you put into achieving a certain goal.

More challenging goals give you a stronger sense of achievement.


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