A Healthy Mindset Starts With a Healthy Body Image

Healthy Body ImageWhen clients come to my San Diego office wanting to lose weight I first talk to them about developing a healthy body image. That’s because although hypnosis and Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques can be very powerful in helping someone reinforce healthy habits and a healthy mindset a person who wants to experience permanent weight loss needs to have a healthy body image, an image they can refer to when the unavoidable bumps in the road come along.

What is a Healthy Body Image?

A healthy body image is a image of what you think you should look like, not only in pounds but in dress or pant size and how your clothes fit on you. This image needs to be one that is both realistic as well as attractive.

For example if you are a woman who is over 40 and is five feet seven inches tall, expecting to weigh 120 pounds is not being realistic unless you have a very tiny frame.

This is neither a healthy body image nor mindset.

Although you may have weighed this when you were in high school or college, as the years go by your body changes. So should your expectations. A realistic goal for a woman this age and height might be around 145 to 155 pounds, give or take a few pounds.

This would be a healthy body image.

Body Image and Self Esteem


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The thing about body image is it directly affects your self esteem. If you feel good about your body image you’ll also feel good about yourself. This leads to a healthy mindset.

Since body image and self esteem are so closely linked, as you learn to appreciate and respect your body, you’ll develop a healthy and happy mindset and live a more joy filled life.

Developing a Healthy Mindset and Body Image

A healthy mindset and body image are within your reach.

A good starting point is learning to love yourself just the way you are, giving yourself the credit you deserve while working on becoming healthier and moving toward the size and shape you prefer.

10 Tips for Developing a Healthy Mindset and Body Image:

1. Be grateful for what you have.

Your body has brought you to where you are at this very moment in time.

Be grateful for everything your body can do for you. Your body allows you to climb, run, walk, dance, sleep, laugh, dream, and whole lot of other amazing things.

The things your body can do are miraculous. Be grateful for it!

2. List what you like about your body

Most people only pay attention to what they don’t like about their body. It’s hard to believe it, but everyday there is another article about a very attractive and shapely actor who doesn’t like something about her body.

To develop a healthy body image list the top 5-10 things you love about your body. It doesn’t’ matter what they are, your hair, eyes, skin, bellybutton, or even your feet, write them down.

If you struggle with this ask your friends but get them down on paper.

3. It’s true, beauty is only skin deep.

While some people argue against this, it’s true, beauty is only skin deep.

While beauty is sometimes associated with certain physical attributes, the physical beauty caused by vibrant health – from eating nutritiously and exercising – is inside and out. This inner health will contribute directly to developing a more healthy mindset and outlook on life.

One important point to remember is the beauty of your personality can cause others to see you as the great beauty you are.

4. Focus on the positive.

You have the power to choose your thoughts.

A healthy mindset involves focusing on the positive aspects of your life. Make the decision to focus on the positive and think positive, uplifting thoughts. This will help you prevent internal criticisms from creeping in.

5. Wear clothes your like.

Choose clothes that make you feel good. You have clothes you love to wear. Wear them.

Wearing clothing you like will develop your healthy body image by making you feel like a million bucks.

6. Get over trying to have a media body image.

A healthy body image has nothing in common with the body images the media bombards us with.

TV or magazine body images are not only impractical models but also many times unhealthy.  Many of these high paid models have to restrict their diets to the point where they literally starve themselves.

I don’t care how well you eat or how often you go to the gym, it’s very unlikely you or any of the people you hang out with could look like a male or female fashion model. Not only is it impractical, for most people it is simply not possible.

People that are chosen for those types of jobs are one in several million. For you to have a body like those would be like me trying to play fullback in the NFL. I’m too old, I’m too slow, I don’t weigh enough and I’d get killed.

Just like I don’t have the physical qualities I would need to play linebacker in the NFL, if you aren’t one of the fortunate ones who is born with a “perfect” body it’s probably just not going to happen.

Get over it.

A healthy mindset is one that can accept and love the body they’ve been given.

7. Take a look at some historical figures.

Marilyn Monroe was a very alluring woman. Her image was loved by men around the world. But nobody would say that she had a perfect figure, especially as she got older.

Humphrey Bogart was loved by women but most people would agree he wasn’t the most handsome man in movies.

Think of Eleanor Roosevelt or Winston Churchill or Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Theresa and ask yourself how much their body or appearance mattered to their success.

I think you’ll agree that it didn’t matter at all. The most important accomplishments in history were not accomplished with beauty or brawn.

8. How is your present body image helping you?

You have good reasons for what you do, including disliking your body. What kind of benefits are you receiving as a result of disliking it?

Does it help to keep you out of the spotlight, does it give you an excuse to be miserable so you don’t have to interact with people, does it give you and excuse for not performing as well as you could? Does your present body image allow you to make excuses for not creating the fulfilling life you desire?

The reasons behind your behaviors always have good intentions. By understanding your negative intentions you can replace them with positive ones that will put you back on the path to a healthy mindset and body image.

9. Write down five reasons why it’s silly to believe that slimmer or “more attractive” people are happier.

This one shouldn’t be too tough at all. It should take a lot of though process to think of five.

Even beautiful people have reasons to be unhappy with their self image. Maybe it’s they can’t eat what they want or that people think they’re stuck up.

Think of five reasons and write them down.

10. Stop exercising to get in shape.

Exercise is not about looking better. Looking better is merely a benefit of exercise.

A healthy lifestyle involves exercising because it makes you feel good. Exercising for the sole purpose of losing weight will only motivate you to exercise until you lose the weight. The you’’ quit exercising.

On the other hand having a healthy mindset means you enjoy how exercise makes you feel. Notice how much better you feel as your body naturally releases endorphins as you exercise.

If you need to get in shape, the accompanying weight loss is a just an added bonus!

Start Putting these Tips to Build a Healthy Mindset and Body Image to Use Today!

To change the way you feel about your body image will take time. By developing a healthy body image you’ll begin to have the kind of mindset you need to stay healthy for your entire life.

Set aside time to put these tips to use so you can enjoy and appreciate your body more.

Make a decision to focus on the positive aspects of your body and let the negative thoughts go. Remember to be grateful for all the incredible things that your body does for you each and every day.

By developing a healthy mindset you’ll stop obsessing about whether or not your body looks “perfect.”  Your healthy body image will help you concentrate on the things that are most important to you, like a long and healthy life.


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