3 Ways to be Happier

be happier“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle

Would you like to be happier with your life? You probably realize that there are going to be times when you’re unhappy with your life. You’ll find fault with who you are, what you’ve attained in life, or which path you’re taking.

That’s because you’re human. Everyone is unhappy with their life from time to time. Everyone at times believes their life isn’t what it could be.

People think “if only I could have done this better”, without realizing that what they’ve done is actually fine.

How to be Happier

If you want to be happier then it’s time to come to the realization of that you already are an awesome person. Your experiences and genetic makeup have given you various characteristics that make something totally unique and special.

No one in the world is exactly like you with your individual talents and no in this world could ever take your place.

Accepting yourself for who you truly are can not only help you be happier, it can also boost your confidence. This improved confidence can help you take full advantage of your many talents skills, not only for your own advantage, but for that of others as well.

Try these 3 strategies to be happier with the person you already are:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others Who Are “Better Off” than You

be happier

Find Out How to Find Happiness

In the United States we often compare ourselves with others. This can result in your feeling that your life isn’t fulfilled because you don’t compare with others in your family or neighborhood.

Now please don’t think I’m saying you shouldn’t have goals and constantly want to improve your life. That’s not what I’m talking about here. I believe that human beings need goals in order to survive. We’ll talk about this a little later.

What I’m talking about is comparing what you have with someone else’s situation that is “better” than yours because they seem to have more, or seem to be happier, or seem to be better off than you. There are always going to be people that seem to better off than you.

When you see someone who has “more” than you, think about how blessed you really are. That’s the way to be happier. Especially since there are so many people today who are struggling with making ends meet.

Let your motto be, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”.

You’ll be a lot happier when you begin to have this mindset.

2. Remember the Things You’ve Already Accomplished

What have you already accomplished in your life? Have you helped your company grow, make your family stronger, run a marathon? Throughout your life, you’ve probably achieved lots of things, both personally and professionally.

No matter what you’ve accomplished, a stronger bond with your children, completing a work project that won a new contract, or passing a class at your community college, you need to remember that those things all took place while you were in the skin you’re in today.

The person who has done these accomplishments is the true you, the real you. You accomplished them using your own strengths and abilities.

Always remember you are a winner because of what you’ve already accomplished. No one can take those victories away from you.

3. Believe You Have what it Takes

be happier

Find Out How to Find Happiness

If you want to be happier stop underestimating yourself. Stop thinking you don’t have what it takes – whatever “it” is. It’s possible that you don’t have what you want because you really haven’t tried to get it!

Forget about wishing for what somebody else has and start making a detailed plan of achievable steps you can take to achieve “it” for yourself.  There’s really nothing separating you from your goals except planning your work and working your plan.

You Were Made For Greatness!

You are a special, beautiful masterpiece and you weren’t made this way by mistake. You are one of a kind. Your beliefs, likes, and dislikes are all part of this magnificent design.

You have inside of you seeds of greatness, the talents and skills you need to be happier and live a more fulfilling life. However, remember that life is a do it to yourself project, what you put in is also what you get out.

Choose to be happier by building the life only you can design and achieve!


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be happier

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