Tired of Being Grounded? Break Free from Your Fear of Flying

fear of flying

Don’t let the fear of flying keep you grounded

Does the thought of stepping onto an airplane make you break out in a sweat? Do these thoughts cause your heart start to beat faster and your legs to become weak?

Did you know that it is estimated that 40 percent of the population have a fear of flying or suffer some degree of anxiety about getting into a flying machine?  If you’re one of those people that have a severe a fear of flying and experience symptoms like rapid heartbeat, sweating, rapid breathing, and nausea, it’s time to take action.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome your fear of flying or at least minimize its effects: Continue reading


Improve Your Health and Life with a Positive Mental Attitude

a positive mental attitude

How to create a more positive mental attitude!

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.”Joel Osteen

Do you want to get more out of life? If you do, developing a more positive mental attitude will go a long way to improving the quality and, according to some medical professionals, the quantity of your life.

According to the Chicago tribune, “Research from the Harvard School of Public Health (first reported in 2001) links a more optimistic outlook with a lowered risk of heart disease in older men and University of Pittsburgh researchers report that optimistic women have less thickening of the carotid artery walls. That Women’s Health Initiative Study (first reported in 2009 in an American Heart Association journal) suggests that a positive mental outlook is associated with reduced evidence of coronary heart disease and total mortality in postmenopausal women.”

In other words, having a positive mental attitude is good for your health and life!

While nobody can guarantee that having a more positive attitude will keep you young and healthy, you can be assured that having a positive mental will go a long ways to helping you feel good about life!

Practice these strategies to develop a more positive mental attitude: Continue reading


How to Stop Negative Thinking and Create the Life of your Dreams

stop negative thinking

Stop negative thinking and develop a positive attitude!

Do you find negative thoughts constantly bubbling out of your mind? Do these thoughts make it’s seem like you’re viewing the world through dark, dreary filters?

You can stop negative thinking and replace it with a positive mental attitude. By undergoing a change in your disposition you’ll feel a lot better about yourself plus you’ll start getting more positive results.

When you stop your negative thinking, you’ll start changing your results. Continue reading


Seven Simple Anxiety Relaxation Techniques

anxiety relaxation techniques

Reduce your anxiety with these 7 anxiety relaxation techniques

Over time, the stress of modern life can build up and give you a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. It can also affect your mental and physical health.

It’s sometimes hard to determine the origin of your anxiety. Sometimes it can come from problems at work. It can come from relationship issues or just from the long drive to and from work every day.

Anxiety can be disabling, making you feel as though you’re unable to do things you’ve done easily your whole life. This condition can play tricks with your mind and wreak havoc with your mental and physical health. Continue reading


5 Healthy Habits You Can Use to Help You Lose Weight

Healthy Habits

5 Healthy Habits

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you dieting? Stop that!

Instead of dieting to lose weight you need to adapt healthy weight management plan that includes the types of habits needed to live a long, healthy life.

Are You Frustrated by Your Inability to Lose Weight?

If you’ve been dieting and failed to lose the weight you expected you’re probably thinking that losing weight is hard. This can leave you feeling angry and frustrated.

That’s because you’re focusing on the wrong goal, losing weight. Instead of focusing on losing weight start focusing on adapting the healthy habits you need to live a long, healthy life. Continue reading


8 Strategies for Finding Happiness

finding happiness,

Tips for finding happiness

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”Mahatma Gandhi


As Mahatma Gandhi points out, your actions, what you do, determine your happiness.

Happiness doesn’t depend on something external to you like a new job or relationship. It isn’t some place in the future.

Happiness is being content with who you are right now while realizing that your actions will move you in the direction you want to go.

As you become happier you’ll make more money and have better health. You’ll experience an overall sense of calm and develop a sense of hope for everything you try to accomplish.

What can you do, what actions can you take to affect your happiness?

Try using these 8 strategies for finding happiness: Continue reading


Enjoy Life Now by Living in the Moment

living in the moment

Living in the Moment

“Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.” ― Eckhart Tolle

Do you live constantly in the past, thinking about you’re the game you played in high school or what might have happened if you had stuck with that other job? Or do you dream about what might happen if things just go right?

This isn’t living in the moment.

Living in the moment means being aware of what’s going on in your life and of the things that you’re doing right now. It’s also enjoying the present moment, taking the time to figure out how what you’re doing fits into the scheme of things.

Living in the moment is a vital part of enjoying the fleeting moments you have on this wonderful vacation you have on this beautiful planet called earth. This gives you more opportunities to understand your capabilities while paving your path to happiness.

The Benefits of Living in the Moment Continue reading


Secrets of How to Cope With Stress

how to cope with stress

How to cope with stress

While some stress can motivate you to get your work done on time, too much stress can be bad for your mental and physical health.

The problem with stressful situations is your body reacts to them with a fight or flight response. While this response is helpful if you are being attacked by a saber toothed tiger, it can cause serious problems if you react with it on an ongoing basis to normal stressors, such as driving. Then your stress can become chronic.

So how can you cut down on your stress?

Learning How to Cope With Stress

While there are circumstances beyond your control, there are ways to deal with approach stressful situations.

Here are 7 methods use can use to cope with stress and live a calmer life: Continue reading


3 Days to a Good Night’s Sleep

Do You Need a Good Night's Sleep?

Do You Need a Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleepless nights can make a mess of your life. Just missing an hour or so of sleep can make you tired and grumpy. If your lack of sleep continues for more than a few days or so the effects are even worse.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping it’s important to get it back under control. Your lack of sleep can cause poor physical and mental performance and cause mood swings.

That’s why getting a good night’s sleep is so important.

If you are having difficulty sleeping try using this process for just 3 days and begin feeling the joy of a good night’s sleep: Continue reading


A 30 Day Plan to Build Your Self Confidence

build your self confidence

You can build your self confidence

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.”Marcus Garvey

As Marcus Garvey points out, if you have self confidence you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, but without it you’re running in place.

While you might have no problem believing in others you may have difficulty believing in yourself. If this is you now is a great time to start focusing on building your self confidence.

Follow these steps to build your self confidence so you can start believing in yourself: Continue reading