Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

hypnotherapy weight loss

A Healthy Body is Within Your Reach!

“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive… hypnotherapy does help people reduce.” –  Smithsonian Magazine, March 1999

You might have come here wondering, “Can hypnotherapy really help me with weight loss?”

The answer is yes and no.

No because hypnotherapy in and of itself has never helped anyone lose weight.

You do not begin to lose weight automatically because a hypnotherapist has given you a suggestion to lose weight.

But the answer is also yes.

It’s yes because you can use hypnotherapy to motivate you to follow a healthy weight loss program. A program that helps you to shift your thinking about your weight issues so that you exercise regularly and eat properly. Continue reading


Permanent Weight Loss and a Healthy Mindset

 permanent weight loss

Creating a Healthy Mindset Can Give You Permanent Weight Loss!

Creating and maintaining a healthy mindset is critical if you want permanent weight loss.

Often the clients that come to my San Diego office to use hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to lose weight want to lose weight for a special occasion or event. While hypnotherapy and NLP can be helpful for these types of situations, I try to explain that if their goal is permanent weight loss and staying healthy for a lifetime they need to develop a healthy mindset.

What is a Healthy Mindset? Continue reading