I have value just because I exist

I have valueSometimes life challenges me, making me question my value in the world. These trials provide me with opportunities to reflect on my true  worth.

In these reflections I think, what does being “worthy” really mean?

Research shows me that being worthy means that I am “good,” “deserving,” and “right.” Since I believe that all of us are basically good, then I too, am good and worthy of the life I’m living.

As I think about my value, I understand that as a human being I am “equal” to all others in our other humans. I understand that even though I am flawed I still am worthy.

Sometimes there are people who send me negative messages about my value. When this happens I reflect on these situations as they occur. Then, I choose how to respond with care as I protect my value tactfully.

Why am I worthy? It’s simply because everyone “matters.”

Regardless of my shortcomings I still have value. The reality is I am worthy because I am alive.

Today, I list all my positive characteristics. I do this to identify my value, all the good things about me. After I write them out I celebrate who I am.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I recognize my value?
  2. How can I remind myself each day of how valuable I am?
  3. How can I earn the respect of others by recognizing my own value?