Take a Self-Esteem Check Up

Take a Self-Esteem Check UpTake a Self-Esteem Check Up

Welcome to today’s self-esteem booster “Take a Self-Esteem Check Up.”
What are you getting done? If you don’t think you’re doing enough your self-esteem can suffer. Let’s counteract this with a quick inventory of all your good accomplishments.

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Develop Self Confidence with These 8 Easy Tips

develop self confidenceDo you, like many of my San Diego clients, lack self confidence? Do you sometimes have a feeling of powerlessness? Would you like to shift your thinking and become the confident person you deserve to be?

Using advanced hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming I often have clients who want to develop their self confidence and live a happier, more productive life. While hypnotherapy and NLP are very powerful methods to help build your self confidence there are some easy strategies you can follow that will develop self confidence step by step on a daily basis. Some of these strategies are even fun!

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How to Improve Your Self Confidence

self confidneceA little while ago I had the opportunity to talk to a group here in San Diego about using NLP and hypnosis to help them develop their self confidence. I really enjoy having these opportunities because as America’s #1 Mental Fitness Coach I know it’s important to have ways that can quickly improve your self confidence.

This is because having self confidence will make your life run smoothly while a lack of it will hold you back.

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