Using the Power of Intention to be Happier

the power of intention“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.”Wayne Dyer

One of the habits of highly successful people is having laser like focus on their life’s purpose or intention. The power of intention has the ability to transform your life for the better. It can help you to be happier and live a much more fulfilling life.

If you don’t have an intention, a purpose, you’ll lack direction and drift about in life. This can cause you to get bored easily because you are living an unfulfilled existence.

When you set an intention, it gives your life direction and purpose.

You feel in control of your destiny.

Why Intention?

Think about a time when you had a clear purpose. Remember how driven and fulfilled you felt. Now, think about a particular day where you knew you needed to accomplish something but you lacked purpose.

I’m hallucinating (imagining) that there was a very significant difference between what you achieved on those days and how you felt.

You Can Use the Power of Intention for Anything in Life

You can use the power of intention two ways. One way is to be abstract, having no real direction or focus, saying that you “intend” to have a great day.

The other way to use the power of intention is to be specific and list out the things that you intend to accomplish the night before and then follow your plan.

For example, most people say they “intend” to work out but they never put it in their schedule. As a result they “don’t have the time” to work out.

That’s because they never really intended to work out.

If you want to work out then show your intention by putting your workout in your schedule. Then go to work out at the appointed time. That’s how to power of intention to work for you.

How Can You Use the Power of Intention to be Happier?

Here are 5 simple things you can do that can help make your planning easier and bring your intentions to fruition.

1. Follow Your Dreams  

One of the habits of all highly successful people is they followed their dreams. They didn’t allow anyone or anything to push their dreams away.

Your dreams are not meant to remain fantasies. To be happier, figure out how to bring them into reality.

By taking your dreams seriously you will find ways to turn them in to solid plans. Then you can harness the power of intention to make your dreams come true.

2. Be Clear About What You Want

You can’t accomplish a fuzzy goal. In order to achieve anything you need to have clarity.

Do whatever you can to clarify your dreams and intentions. A powerful method is to keep a journal and then make a habit of writing everything down. Having your intentions is in writing is psychologically powerful.

Once you brainstorm your ideas, sort them out and then post your ultimate dream or intention somewhere where you’ll see it every day like on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator. This is an excellent way to put the power or intention to work for you.

3. Tell Others about Your Intentions

Another one of the habits of highly successful people is making their intentions known to the world. Of course, this is why unsuccessful people don’t make their intentions know.

Unsuccessful people think that keeping their goals inside is better because no one knows if they fail, but in actuality, they have given up before they started.

Instead, let you intentions be known. This will allow other people to remind you of them. This in turn will hold you accountable for achieving your goals and dreams. Instead, of hiding your intentions, use other people‘s reminders to spur you on to success.

4. Do Something Every Day that Brings You in the Direction of Your Goals  

One of the habits of highly successful people is they take action that moves them toward their dreams and goals every day.

No matter the size of your intentions, do something every day that’s takes you in their direction.  While some days may be hectic and you’re only able to make a very small step, it keeps your momentum. It’s your continuous positive progress that’ll add up to something big over time.

5. Find New Intentions

The happiest people are people those that are constantly finding and setting new dreams and goals.

Once you achieve a goal, set a new one. This is the only way to keep the power of intention working for your.

The more you build intentions around the things you do, the more your productivity will improve. This will create a cycle that will make more things go your way.

All your intention doesn’t have to involve work. You can intend to spend time with your family or just spend time relaxing doing nothing. One of the best ways to be happier is to use the power of intention to balance your life.

Use the Power of Intention for Everything

Once you learn how to use the power of intention, not only will it help you get more done, you’ll be happier as you do whatever it is you set out to do. This frees you to be the best you can be and brings you a life worth living.

Use these tips to start enjoying life with all the gusto you’ve got today!


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