Using Positive Self Talk to Adjust Your Attitude

Positive Self Talk

A Positive Self Talk Statement

“Relentless, repetitive self talk is what changes our self-image.” – Denis Waitley

Often clients come to my San Diego Office wanting to use advanced hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to “change their attitude”. When I ask them what’s going on they’ll say things like, “I’m stuck thinking negative about my life all the time. Negative thoughts just go round and round in my head. I don’t want this negative thinking to go around in my head on anymore.”

The first thing I then ask them is “What do you want?”

This is a question that many people have trouble with.

You See What You Focus On

Try this…

Look around the room you are in right now and find everything that’s red. Every scrap of paper, every book cover, and every nick knack that’s red.

Close your eyes for 10 seconds and then come back to this page.

Stop reading here…

Now that you’ve opened your eyes look for anything BLUE…

What do you find?

Lot’s of RED


Because you focused RED you couldn’t see the BLUE.

How Your Focus Controls Your Attitude

The same thing goes for your attitude; it’s controlled by your focus. So if you focus on what you don’t want you you’ll see more of what you don’t want.

On the other hand if you focus on what you DO want you’ll see more of what you do want.

How can you shift your focus?

By continuously using positive self talk.

What is Positive Self Talk?

Before talking about positive self talk let’s take a look at self talk.

Self talk is that constant dialog that goes on in your head. It’s that little voice that you hear all the time. What you communicate to yourself through words, thoughts, and images are interpreted on a deeper level than you may realize.

Positive and Negative Self Talk

You either are using positive self talk or negative self talk on a regular basis.

When you engage in positive self talk, you connect positive thoughts, words and images to your subconscious mind.

This is also true of negative self talk. When you engage in negative self talk, you connect negative thoughts, words and images to your subconscious mind. So if you’ve found it difficult to break out of your circle of negativity, it very well might be because you’ve been feeding negatively to your subconscious mind.

Positive self talk can shift your focus and help you turn this negativity around.

The sad thing is most people are regularly using negative self talk instead of positive self talk.

Developing the Positive Self Talk Habit

The first step in shifting to a more positive outlook is to notice when you’re using negative self talk so that you can replace it with positive self talk. This can be difficult at first so you need to pay attention because you might be being negative without even realizing it.

For the first few days become an active observer of your overall speech and thought patterns.

Keep a journal.

In your journal write down how you talk about yourself. Write down every time you have a negative thought or say something negative about you.

Shifting from Negative to Positive Self Talk Patterns

If you discover you’re regularly engaging in negative self talk, it’s time to take steps to correct it and develop positive self talk patterns.

First, every time you find yourself engaging in negative self talk stop yourself in the moment. Tell yourself, “Cancel, cancel,” and then replace it with a positive self talk statement or affirmation you’ve written for yourself.

Using Positive Self Talk to Replace the Negative

A positive self talk statement is something you want to hear.

For example maybe when you’ve run into a difficult situation you been telling yourself things like “I can’t do this. I’m not good enough.”

You can replace that with that with “I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. If I need to I’ll get help but I CAN do this!”

You are changing your focus from the problem at hand to finding a solution.

Maybe in the past when you make a mistake you told yourself, “How can you be so stupid!”

You can replace that with something like “Okay I made a mistake. Now I know how NOT to do this the next time.”

Now you’ve changed a mistake into a learning experience.

Get in the habit of seeing the positive side of every situation. Seek solutions to your challenges and find the silver lining. These actions will help you shift your focus and adjust your attitude.

Using Positive Self Talk Every Day

The self talk you use is a habit. Once you get a hang of it, you can develop the habit of using positive self-talk every single day.

Make a decision to consciously think positive thoughts during as many moments as you can, even the ones that seem mundane, like when you’re brushing your teeth. This will cement the habit of thinking positively all the time.

Any time you begin to feel overcome with stress or fear, take a step back and reevaluate your thinking. You’ll find that these feeling come about more often when you have a negative focus. Replace these negative feelings with positive self talk statements you’ve developed for yourself.

You can use your journal to compare how you feel after using positive self talk all day to one of your previous days without positive self-talk.

How Positive Self Talk Can Adjust Your Attitude

Positive self-talk can shift your attitude by helping you focus on what you want in your life. The use of positive self talk will also help you to shift the beliefs in your subconscious mind.

Start Using Positive Self Talk Today

The benefits of a having a possibility attitude are endless. With this attitude you’ll find yourself accomplishing more and feeling happier and more fulfilled.

It all starts with the continuous use of positive self talk.

Decide every day that you’re going to tell yourself only positive things about yourself and the world around you.  Tell yourself how wonderful you are and how wonderful it is to live on this great planet we call earth and believe it.

By affirming the positive you are welcoming even more positive things into your life.

Stay focused on making a habit of using positive self talk. With practice you’ll soon find that all that your negative attitudes have vanished!

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