Using Creative Visualization to Build the Life of Your Dreams

creative visualization

How to make creative visualization work for you.

Often I have clients who come to my San Diego office who are struggling with some aspect of their life. They tell me that want to use hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming to help get them “back on track”.

When I ask what going on, many times these clients tell me about all the negative things going on in their lives. I’ll usually listen for a while but if they go on I have to stop them and ask, “What do you want?”

For many clients this can be a very difficult question because they haven’t quite figured out what they want, they only know they don’t like where they’re at presently.

Creative Visualization and You

If you, like my clients are frustrated because you aren’t living the life you desire, then this article might be just what you need. That’s because this article can help you move in the directions of your lifelong dreams.

Creative visualization can be used to build the life you desire. That’s because as you visualize a certain result in your life, you put your attraction mode into high gear making it much more likely that you’ll accomplish the results you seek.

If you have a specific goal you’ve clung to over the years that hasn’t come to fruition up to now then read on. You’re about to learn how to make creative visualization work for you.

How to Visualize the Life You Desire

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to be an attorney but now, here you are—40 and feeling like you can’t achieve that dream, even though you felt you always wanted it. But now you have a family, a mortgage and you just don’t want to spend 4 years in college and who knows how long studying for boards before starting your desired career.

How can you use creative visualization to achieve a goal like this?

1. Ask, “Is this I really want?”

Before using creative visualization you need to be sure that this long held dream is still something you really want to accomplish. Maybe you don’t want to spend that much time in school; instead maybe you could adjust your dream a bit. This revised goal would be more aligned with bringing your present self happiness.

Using the above example, you might decide to become a paralegal instead. You could use creative visualization to imagine working in the same setting you wanted to before: a law firm with attorneys while helping people with legal issues.

2. Be Honest with Yourself

While it’s important to retain flexibility in order for creative visualization to work properly, you also need to be completely honest with yourself. While you might think you want to accomplish certain goals, are you willing to put in the effort to achieve them?

While you shouldn’t put limitations on what you can accomplish, you need to determine if the goal you’ve set is what you really want to achieve.

To get a better handle on this ask yourself, “What do I really want to be doing in my life?’ then ask, “What must be done to achieve those goals?” and then finally ask “Am I willing to put in the effort to accomplish them?”

3. Put Your Goals on Paper  

In order to make your goals a reality, write each one of them down, one at a time. As you write them down think about each one.

This process will help you to figure out what it will take to achieve your dreams. As you think about them write down each of the tasks you’ll need to accomplish to ultimately reach your desired end result.

In order for creative visualization to work, it’s important to have a specific destination in mind and the steps you need to reach them.

4. Use Creative Visualization to Picture Your Results

Creative visualization uses your imagination to construct a mental picture. Use your imagination to paint a vivid image of the scene in which you’ll achieve your desired result.

Using the above example, you might imagine where you would be and what you would be doing when you receive your paralegal certification. What are you wearing? Who else is there? How will you feel about yourself at that moment?

5. Have Physical Representations of Your Dream

Create an area at home that has tangible representations of your dream. Using our example, you could display a certificate, a judge’s gavel, a legal scale, a picture of a paralegal helping a client or a brochure from the local college about its paralegal program.

While using creative visualization touch or hold the items. Tangible representations of your dreams helps make your goals seem real. They also act as daily reminders for you to take the action needed to pursue your goals and dreams.

6. Practice Creative Visualization Daily.

Take time to practice creative visualization for 5-10 minutes every day. Close your eyes and imagining achieving your goals. Imagine how you look and feel as you accomplish each task along the way.

To practice creative visualization, sit in a relaxed position in a comfortable chair or recline on your bed or on the couch. By practicing creative visualization daily you are keeping your dream alive in the forefront of your mind.

Anther reason to practice creative visualization is the more you repeat them, the more motivated you’ll become. This will help you take the action you need to go after your goals.

7. Do Something Every Day that Moves You in the Direction of Your Goals

Creative visualization by itself cannot accomplish your goals. For you to accomplish anything in life you need to take action.

By combining creative visualization with deliberate actions, you can have whatever you desire.

Each day, you need to ask yourself, “What steps can I do today to create the life I desire” It’s only by taking action will you achieved your goals and dreams.

Actions coupled with your consistent visualizations will drive you to seek and accomplish whatever it is you want in life.

One final thing, at the end of every day take the time to reflect on how the steps you took helped you along your path.

The Time to Start Using Creative Visualization is NOW!

By using creative visualization you are openly acknowledging what you crave to do with your life. You are building the life you want in your imagination.

So right now, close your eyes and start to visualize and then get to work. When you combine creative visualization with action, nothing will be able to stop you.



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