Top 10 Tips for Relieving Stress


10 Tips for Relieving Stress

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.”Hans Selye

Relieving stress is, or should be a priority for nearly half of our population.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 43 percent of U.S. adults suffer adverse health effects as a result of stress. This coincides with the number of clients I see that want to learn how to use Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and hypnosis for relieving the affects of stress they are experiencing.

At least half of the clients that come to my San Diego office are experiencing symptoms that are a direct result of the stress they are experiencing in their lives.

Stress and Your Health

Unfortunately, stress is hard on both the mind and body.

Stress takes a big toll on your immune system. For example, if you’re stressed out all the time you are more likely to come down with a cold or the flu.

Stress also interferes with your body’s ability to respond to its anti-inflammatory signals.  This increases your risks for allergies, autoimmune diseases and heart disease.

Too many high stress days can really take its toll. Burnout, chronic insomnia, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are just a few examples of how stress can affect you.

Stress puts your mind and body in “high state of alert”. After a while, this can feel normal. The problem is when you operate your mind and body at this high alert level for a long period of time your mind and body start to wear down.

You don’t have let this happen to you. If you are affected by the pressure of constant anxiety then you need to think about ways for relieving the stress in your life.

10 Easy to Follow Tips for Relieving Stress

The key to relieving stress is to have some techniques that you can use in the moment. If you’re struggling with stress, here are some tips you can use to stay calm, relaxed, and focused:

1. Use Deep Breathing  

Deep breathing is one of the quickest ways for relieving stress because it helps your mind and body relax.

If you feel stressed, go somewhere where you can be alone for three to five minutes (at work the bathroom works well for this). Breathe in for a slow count of 5, hold it for the same slow count of 5 and then exhale for a count of 5. These breaths should a little bit larger than your normal, relaxed breath volume.

Repeat this breathing pattern 10 times. Try to focus only on your breathing.

2. Go for a Short Walk

This is especially true if you sit at a desk all day.

Your body was designed to move. Go for a walk and practice the breathing technique you learned above.

Try to stay in the moment by focusing on your breathing, walking, and surroundings. (see 5 Practical Tips for Living in the Present Moment )

As you walk, nothing else should enter your mind. If your mind continues to focus on the things that are stressing you out, say “breathing in calm” to yourself in your mind as you take your breath and “breathing out stress” as you exhale.

3. Exercise

There is no better way for relieving stress than exercising.

You can exercise any time of the day, it just depends on your schedule and your recovery time. You’re looking to be comfortably tired after your workout.

You can work out your frustrations by going for a 30 minute run or swimming for 20 minutes. You can practice Yoga or Tai Chi. If you like going to the gym you can lift weights.

You can do any exercise as long as it gets your heart beat up a little. By the way, this means shuffleboard doesn’t count.

4. Get Some Vitamin D

Go sit outside to the beach or a park. Just being outdoors can do wonders for you.

Look for a relaxing spot with some pleasant scenery. Try to stay in the moment by paying attention to what’s going on around you. This will keep your mind off your stressors.

Just 10 to 15 minutes outdoors can go a long way toward relieving your stress.

5. Have a Free Day

Many people struggle to take time off.  You need to give yourself a break, so take a day off.

On your day off don’t just sit around and dwell on all of your current difficulties. Do something that will take your mind off things.

Watch a movie, go to a concert, or take a trip to the mountains or the beach. Do something fun that you really enjoy.

6. Read a Fictional Book

Find a fun, engrossing fictional book to read, a book that will take your mind off of things for a few hours.

If you haven’t read any fiction for a while, ask your friends for some recommendations, or go on the internet to find a book that matches your tastes.

You probably have a couple of books on the shelf that you’ve never gotten around to. Get one of them off the shelf and read it.

7. Listen to Music

Music is one of the most natural methods for relieving stress. Hip hop, rock and roll, oldies or classical, it doesn’t matter, just listen to something you enjoy, something engrossing that really captures your attention.

By the way, if you’re in your house, get up and dance; nobody’s watching anyway so have a good time.

8. Shut Off ALL Your Electronics

Undoing your electronic tether is a great method for relieving stress.

We’re in a world of constant connection. Your mental health needs for you to disconnect every now and then.

This means no phone, no I Pad and no computer.

Put away everything that connects you to the outside world. Relax and take it easy.

Remember what it was like before cell phones and high speed internet? It was great, wasn’t it?

Just stay offline for as long as possible, at least for a few hours.

9. Take a Nice Nap

Naps are great for relieving stress and there’s no better way to start your day over. After a nap, when you wake up, you feel refreshed and like you have a chance to restart your day.

It’s almost like having a new day. What happened before your nap is history! You’ll feel refreshed and have the energy you need to deal with the issues at hand.

10. Hang Out With Positive People

There might be people in your life that bring you down. Stay away from then as much as possible.

Find people that are positive and fun to be around. Go for a walk with them; spend some time talking about the good things in life.

Have dinner with the friend that always makes you laugh.

Look, it can feel overwhelming when you’re caught up in your own little world. Spending time with positive people can jolt you out of that perspective.

Relieving Stress Doesn’t Have to be Hard

You don’t have to let stress affect you. You just need to actively do something for relieving your stress every day.

You don’t have to be like most people who become paralyzed when things start going sideways. This doesn’t do anything to make you feel better or solve the issues that are stressing you out.

Relieving stress means being actively involved in relaxing activities. These activities will give you the perspective and energy you need to tackle your challenges.

Use these 10 stress relieving tips for minimizing the pressure and anxiety daily.  Let them help you to take control of yourself and the situation.

Dealing with your challenges and relieving your stress effectively is crucial to living the long and healthy life you deserve.

Why not start using these tips today?


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