Stop Procrastinating – Seven Tips to Get Things Done

stop procrastinating One of the biggest reasons people don’t achieve the goals they set for themselves is they just can’t stop procrastinating.  This is a major complaint many of my San Diego clients come to me with. They want to use advanced hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and NLP or Neuro Linguistic programming to help them stop procrastinating.

Hidden Procrastination

Most people don’t procrastinate by simply avoiding what their supposed to do.  Instead they start what they’re supposed to do then get distracted then get side tracked away from the task at hand.

Does that sound like you? Spending the whole day just trying to get started, while never actually getting anything done?

If this sounds familiar read on. You can stop procrastinating and start getting things done!  

How to Stop Procrastinating

If you do find it difficult to stay on task you can use a few very simple strategies to help you regain your focus and stay on task, no matter what fires the day brings to your desk.

After reading these tips you might think they’re too simple and might question whether they really are effective. The simple truth is that if you really want to stop procrastinating you need to use simple strategies you’ll actually be able to use because they give the greatest results.

Here are seven simple tips you can use to stop procrastinating and get things done:

1. Make and Prioritize a “to-do” List

In the famous self help book, “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill tells a story about how a young management consultant made $25,000 by giving a steel magnate an idea. That was when $25,000 was a lot of money.

The idea was to write down everything you need to do the night before and prioritize it. Then the next day start on the most important item and you’re your way down.

That’s still sage advice today. Every day write down a daily “to-do” list on paper. Even better, write down a list of your most important tasks at the beginning of the week and then work on them one at a time. Cross off the ones you accomplish and each morning make a list of the tasks you still have to complete.

This is an excellent way to stop procrastinating. Why?

By taking the time to create a list, you’re giving yourself a visual confirmation of what’s next. By having a list to refer to, there’s no debating about what needs to be done and in what order.

Your list will keep you focused and prevent you from straying from your plan.

2. Put Blocks of Time in Your Calendar for Meetings and Events

No matter who you are you don’t work in a vacuum. You will have interruptions. So instead of having spontaneous interruptions that get you off track, schedule specific times when people can come in and interrupt you.

Let the people you work with know your schedule and strive to stick to it as much as possible.

For example, if you like getting things done first thing in the day let your co-workers know that if they leave you alone for two or three hours in the morning they can schedule time in the afternoon come in and ask questions or get advice from you as needed.

3. Only Check E-mail Two or Three Times a Day

What did you do before e-mail and smart phones? Did you check your answering machine or mail box every five minutes to see if you had any news? Of course not!

Checking your email too frequently will get you side tracked. Set specific times of the day when you check your email. This could be two or three times a day, or every three or four hours.

Set up whatever works best for you and then stick to that schedule. Remember, to stop procrastinating you need to eliminate unnecessary distractions. This means refusing to check email every five seconds.

In order to keep from offending less organized individuals, set up an automated response that explains when you check email and when the sender should expect a response. If it’s really that important they can call you!

4. Stay off of Linkin, Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messaging Services

I know that finding out how one of your friend’s kid’s recitals went is important but it’s not so important that it should interrupt your day. While communicating with your friends and colleagues can seem to make the day go faster, it takes you away from what needs to be done and keeps you from building precious momentum.

If you really want to stop procrastinating and get more done turn off these cyber distractions and go back on when it’s the right time for you.

5. Use Noise Cancelling Headphones to Reduce Noise

If you work in a particularly noisy atmosphere that prevents you from completely concentrating on your work, wear a pair of noise-canceling headphones. If you want, you can block out all the noise with some earplugs.

6. Use an Ergonomically Comfortable Chair

You can’t work well if you’re not comfortable. Having a comfortable chair makes a huge difference in how you think, feel, and perform. If there is no budget for a new chair then get a chair cushion. You’ll find that that an ergonomically comfortable chair is an investment that will quickly give you big dividends.

7. Keep a Neat Workspace

I can already hear what you’re saying. It’s the same thing I used to say. What does neatness have to do with productivity?

A clean, organized desk will help you stop procrastinating, stay focused and get more done.

Why? Simply because you don’t have to wade through stacks of clutter to find what you need.

Also, it’s been found that even seeing the piles of junk in your peripheral vision can increase your stress level. Only have what you need for your current task out and put everything else in its place.

You Can Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done!

Start using these time-saving techniques today.

If you put these seven simple tips to stop procrastinating to work, not only will you experience a huge difference in your productivity you’ll also feel better about yourself and your work. This will have you more time for the important things in your life, like having fun!


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