Memory Improvement Tips

Memory Improvement Tips

Memory Improvement Tips

Having a sharp memory will improve your life. If you don’t feel you have a great memory don’t worry, the following are a few simple memory improvement tips that you can use to sharpen your mental agility.

Memory for Life

Your memory does not have to fade as you grow older.

Recently scientists that study the brain have been able to understand how your brain network forms memories. What they’ve found is that from the time you were in your mother’s womb throughout until now, your brain’s network has never stops expanding, adapting and learning.

Unless you’re affected by dementia or some other serous disease, most age-related memory loss is simply caused by an idle mind. If you take care of it, your brain will continue to adapt and evolve throughout your life.

This means no matter your age, you can improve your memory.

Ways to Improve Your Memory

In order to recall hard data you need to create an association or linkage. Using associations or mnemonics, anyone with average intelligence can significantly enhance their ability to remember.

Mnemonics uses techniques such as creating a memory temple for improving your memory. This technique requires you to relate the things you need to be remember with other things, such as emotions, metal strikes etc.

Improving Your Memory

While written material is good to keep track of information and for discourse, your brain doesn’t record written information very well.

One of the easiest ways to improve your memory is to code the information you receive into regular images that you can reliably extract information from. Since you use these images all the time, they are easily utilized to recall information that you need.

Using your imagination you can create effective memory aids. What’s key here is you’re using your imagination. The more you use your imagination and “see” the image, the better it sticks in your mind to be retrieved for later use.

The image you create using mnemonics can be clear, pleasant, funny, exaggerated or sensual as long as it can help you to retrieve the information.

2 Simple Memory Improvement Tips

1. Having a healthy diet is one of the simplest ways to improve your memory.

Your brain composed of brain cells and neurons that need to be constantly nourished. Eating a balanced diet of natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in fruits, vegetables and essential fats is an easy way to properly nourish your brain.

2. Exercise Your Brain by Creating Associations

You memory works by association. You can exercise it by actively associating two bits of data.

For example, if you need to catch the bus at 4 PM, you can picture a bus with 4 big wheels in your mind.  You’ve associated four big bus wheels at 4 PM. Using this association you have a better chance to remember the time you need to catch the bus.

Start Using These Memory Improvement Tips Today!

You don’t have a “naturally” great memory. You just have to exercise the one you were born with.  Begin by feeding your mind good food and practice making associations in your mind to help you recall information.

Using these two simple methods for improving your memory you might even begin remembering where you left your car keys!


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