I Use Deep Breathing to Create Inner Peace

deep breathingIs your life busy and out of control? If your life feels like it’s out of control it could be the programming of your subconscious mind that is keeping you from finding the inner peace you desire.

If you are interested in finding inner peace you can use deep breathing to calm your subconscious mind.  Using deep breathing can have an almost instant impact on your inner peace. To get results you just have to make time to practice.

If you think you would like start using deep breathing to create inner peace then read this message out loud to yourself morning and night for the next 21 days.

I Use Deep Breathing to Create Inner Peace

When I find my life full of pressure and disarray I take a step back and breathe in deeply in order to calm myself and find inner peace.

I actively seek inner peace.

Deep breathing allows me to keep my wits about me in the face of conflict. Deep breathing helps me keep my emotions under control.

Regardless of how heated a situation becomes, I have found that deep breathing allows me to maintain control or myself and my actions. When necessary, breathe in deeply and count to ten in order to prevent me from taking inappropriate action.

Deep breathing helps me stay calm. 

I allow myself to take deep breaths. This gives me inner peace and helps me to feel secure. Deep breathing heals my anxiety and helps me to remain calm so that my view will be clear.

Deep breathing helps me make intelligent choices.

When I take deep breathes I remain calm. If I allow my emotions to dictate my feelings, I know I will regret my behavior. Instead, I use deep breathing to relax my mind and live a life of integrity.

To keep my sense inner peace, I breathe deeply and concentrate on the work that is just right for me. I focus on what I can do now and say no to extra responsibilities that would overload me.

I refuse to overload myself.

I addition to deep breathing I take the time to make the habit of eating healthy. I plan my day so that I get enough sleep to rejuvenate my body and mind.

My healthy lifestyle helps me to create inner peace because of the knowledge I am doing all I can for my body as well as my mind.

Throughout the day, I take time to pause and practice deep breathing in order to stay calm and focused.

I refuse to worry because worrying is a pointless waste of time. I realize that worrying won’t add a day to my life or remove a wrinkle from my face.

I choose to let go of the things I cannot change and plan for those that I can.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I made time for deep breathing today?
  2. What activities can I do to calm myself and find inner peace?
  3. What benefits do I receive from deep breathing?


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About the Author

Wil Dieck is America’s #1 Mental Fitness Coach©. He is also the founder of Total Mind Therapy©, a system that uses Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)©.

NEC is a system that uses the best of three highly effective processes, Advanced Hypnotherapy (hypnosis), Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP) and the deep breathing meditative breathing techniques from Qigong, a Chinese Martial Art. He has combined these processes into one powerful system that can help you make quick and lasting shifts in your thinking and your behavior and create inner peace.

Wil is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) hypnotherapist and Qigong Practitioner. His office is located in San Diego,CA.

He has taught hundreds of people in individual and business settings how to use Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)© and deep breathing techniques to relieve stress and create inner peace in both their business and personal lives and build the life of their dreams.

Wil is available for individual coaching sessions and group presentations on how to use NEC or hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as the deep breathing meditation techniques from Qigong for relieving the manifestations of stress and creating inner peace. These include stress eating, smoking, fingernail biting as well as dealing with depression.

If you are interested in learning more about using Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)© and deep breathing techniques to relieve stress and create inner peace then call (619) 293-3255 for your complimentary personalized assessment and action plan. In this session we’ll discuss the goals you wish to achieve and you’ll go away with an action plan packed with information on how to achieve those goals.