How to Improve Your Self Confidence

self confidneceA little while ago I had the opportunity to talk to a group here in San Diego about using NLP and hypnosis to help them develop their self confidence. I really enjoy having these opportunities because as America’s #1 Mental Fitness Coach I know it’s important to have ways that can quickly improve your self confidence.

This is because having self confidence will make your life run smoothly while a lack of it will hold you back.

What is Self Confidence?

When you believe in yourself and you’re sure that you’ll succeed at something, you have what is known as self confidence. This self assurance is one of the biggest keys to success.

The problem is that your level of self-confidence can fluctuate; especially when you’re you’re in a tough spot. That’s why it’s important to have some ways to improve your self confidence.  This gives you the power to build your self-confidence even in the most challenging situation.

7 ways to improve Self Confidence

1. Choose a Mentor

A mentor is a trusted coach, guide, tutor, facilitator and counselor.  This is a person who is willing to invest their time and expertise to guide your development.

Look for someone who you think exhibits a great level of self-confidence. This person will be your model of self-confidence. As a model your mentor needs to be someone has confident body language and relaxed and open to others.

You might look for other traits you admire, like a good sense of humor. Having someone you can emulate is incredibly inspiring. Having a mentor to Model after your mentor is one of the quickest ways to improve your self confidence.

2. Look for What You’re Already Doing Right

Many people focus on the things they mess up.

Instead, make a point to ask yourself, “What am I doing right? Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, think about all those things you do well.

Remember, no one in the world has the same unique qualities and strengths that you do in the way that you do.

You, like everyone else on planet earth, have some tasks and activities you are good at. Make a list of all of the ones you believe you already excel at.

3. Act “As if” You Already Were Self Confident

I read a book a long time ago that had a chapter titled, “Act as if”.

What the chapter said was pretend you’re self-confident. In other words use your imagination to help you be the person you want to be instead thinking about the person you don’t want to be.

Here’s how you so that.

Think about a situation when you overcame a particularly difficult situation.  What did you look like, what were people saying to you, how did you feel.

Really put yourself back in that situation. This is good use of your imagination.

If you are struggling to find that situation, get an image of your mentor and pretend that you’re confident like he or she is. This is a great way to improve your self confidence.

4. Make a List of Your Strong Points

What personality traits do you have to offer that are of great benefit to you or others?

For example, are you patient, kind or caring? Are you careful and meticulous?

Identify the parts of your personal makeup that you’re proud of. Think about your strong points.

Just understanding your strong points is one of the best ways to improve your self confidence.

5. When You Do Something Awesome Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!

The problem with most people is they notice when they mess something up. Instead notice when you do something awesome.

Maybe you just detailed your car and it looks like new. Maybe you completed a best report you’ve ever written. Perhaps you helped your child with a difficult assignment or you made a chocolate cake that melts in your mouth.

Take a moment and recognize when you excel at whatever it is you are doing. Little efforts add up to develop your self-confidence.

6. Be Optimistic

Choose to be optimistic in your daily approach to everything you do. Strive to be positive in life’s journey.

Choosing to find the best in whatever life brings is another of the best ways to improve your self confidence.

7. Celebrate Your Success!  

When you’ve met or surpassed your goals, celebrate!

Take a few moments to take notice of your good fortune. Be happy when you succeed in even the smallest things. Your celebration will help you continue to develop the self-confidence you seek.

Choose to Develop Your Self Confidence

Strengthening your self-confidence is in your hands. Choosing a mentor, understanding your strong points, and celebrating your achievements are just a few of ways to build your self-confidence.

Make a commitment to yourself today that you’ll strive to strengthen your belief in yourself, that you will make every effort to develop your self confidence.

It will change your life.


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About the Author

Wil Dieck is America’s #1 Mental Fitness Coach©. He is also the founder of Total Mind Therapy©, a system that uses Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)©.

NEC is a system that uses the best of three highly effective processes, Advanced Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP) and meditative breathing techniques from Qigong,  a Chinese Martial Art, and combines them into one powerful system that can help you build your self confidence and make quick and lasting shifts in your thinking, your behavior and, as a result, your life.

Wil is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) hypnotherapist and Qigong Practitioner. His office is located in San Diego, CA.

He has taught hundreds of people in individual and business settings how to use Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)© techniques in both their business and personal lives to build their self confidence and live the life of their dreams.

Wil is available for individual coaching sessions and group presentations on how to use NEC or hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as meditation techniques from Qigong to gain self confidence.

If you are interested in learning more about using Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)© techniques for build your self confidence then call (619) 293-3255 for your complimentary personalized assessment and action plan. In this session we’ll discuss the goals you wish to achieve and you’ll go away with an action plan packed with information on how to achieve those goals