8 Simple Ways for Expressing Gratitude and Having a Happier Life

express gratitudeExpress Your Gratitude

Did you know that most people are starved for appreciation? That’s because most people don’t feel that people appreciate them and what they do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in the workplace, there is no one in your life that wouldn’t like to hear an expression of gratitude at least every once in a while and when it comes to expressing gratitude a little can go a long way.

Learning how to express your gratitude will enable you to enjoy improved communications and have more fulfilling relationships.

How to Express Your Gratitude

You don’t have to buy someone a present or take them to dinner to show your gratitude. While a grand gesture is always nice and has it’s time and place, there are simple gestures are habits that you can add to your daily routine that will do a lot more good for everyone.

Don’t keep all of the love and appreciation you have for others inside your head. By regularly expressing your gratitude you’ll add meaning, purpose, and joy to everyone around you!

Try these Simple Suggestions for Expressing Gratitude:

1. Verbally Communicate Your Appreciation

I know this sounds simple but in order to express your gratitude you need to let your thoughts be known. They can’t stay locked up in your head. You can make all the difference in that other person’s day, at the office, at home, with your kids or with your partner, simply by verbally expressing your gratitude.

Make this a rule of thumb, when you think of a compliment, give the compliment. It’s simple and it works.

2. Give a Thank You Card

To make it really special, give this card out of the blue. Find a card, write a sincere note and give it to your friends, family, colleagues, or your partner.

Make it extra special by mailing it. Nobody sends cards any more. There’s something extra special about getting a message when you aren’t expecting one. Plus they make nice keepsakes.

3. Go the Extra Mile

Do something that you have to go out of your way for. This doesn’t have to be everyday but every once in a while take a moment to think of something you can do that’s above and beyond. When you take even a small burden off your loved one’s shoulders it shows that you care.

For example, if your spouse is usually the one who usually cooks dinner, surprise them and by cooking it for them. Make something they really like.

4. Become a Good Listener

One of the best things you can do to regularly express gratitude is to develop your listening skills. Most people don’t know how to listen; they just wait for their turn to talk.

Develop the habit of really paying attention to what people are telling you. Commit certain bits of this information to your long-term memory. You can make them very happy just because you simply remembered something they told you.

5. Learn to Show Affection

Showing affection for your loved ones can go a long way. If you aren’t already using them enough, bring more hugs and kisses into the relationship. Everyone can use more physical expressions of “I love you” in their lives.

6. Make Something for Them

Handmade gifts are always special.  It doesn’t have to be something expensive or complex as long as it’s coming from the heart. Handmade gifts are often held on to for years and are the most cherished of all.

7. Cook Something for Them

Another way to express your gratitude is to plan a special meal for your family. You might cook something you haven’t tried before or go for an old family favorite. It’s the thought that counts.

For expressing gratitude for people outside your family consider bringing them some baked goods. Cupcakes or brownies can just about always brighten someone’s day!

8. Remember to Say “Thank You”

You learned to say please and thank you in kindergarten so don’t forget to show your appreciation by using them with the closest people in your life. Remember not to take others for granted. Make it a habit to always say thank you to everybody for anything they’ve done for you, even for simple things like holding the door.

Make Expressing Gratitude a Habit

Life is short, so to make the most of it, make it a habit of regularly expressing your gratitude. By continuing to live your life in the presence of gratitude you’ll continually see how blessed you life truly is.

Make it a habit to show simple gestures of appreciation. As you learn to concentrate on the needs of the people you love you set yourself up for a happy and fulfilling life. Your life will be full of the people you’ve touched with your positive gestures!


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