Using Hypnosis

Your Subconscious Mind“Randomized controlled trials have provided good evidence that both hypnosis and relaxation techniques can reduce anxiety, and prevent panic disorders and insomnia.”British Medical Journal, 1999

Are your bad habits becoming increasingly irksome? Wouldn’t you love to erase the mental blocks that are keeping you from achieving the success you desire?

You can. How? You can use hypnosis to rewire your subconscious thinking.

Hypnosis works because it allows you to tap into the part of the mind that controls 90% of your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and actions – your subconscious mind!

What is Hypnosis Used For?

Hypnosis has been around probably since the beginning of time in some manner or another. While most people experience hypnosis at a show as entertainment, people who have experienced hypnosis techniques in a clinical setting will tell you that the experience can be very beneficial. It gives them a more positive mental outlook about how they can manage the events and issues in their lives. It is this new attitude about their events and issues that create new ways of behaving.

Behaviors and Your Subconscious Mind

The behaviors you go through on a regular basis are called habits. Habits are neither good nor bad, they just are. From the number of times a day you brush your teeth to whether you smoke or drink excessively or overeat, the patterns, or habits, you have created, control your life.

You see, your habits are located in what psychologists call the subconscious mind. It’s called the subconscious mind because it runs underneath your conscious thinking.

What Is The Subconscious Mind?

“Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.”Robert Collier

The “subconscious” is the part of your mind that operates below your normal level of waking consciousness. If you could look at your mind it would appear to be similar to an iceberg. The conscious mind is like the part of the iceberg, about 12 percent, that you can see above the surface. But the bulk of the mind, about 88 percent, is the subconscious mind and is below the surface where you can’t see it.

For example, take breathing. It’s something you don’t even think about, well at least not until I mentioned it. When you breathe, you don’t consciously direct every muscle that expands or contracts your lungs to pull in and push out the air. You just breathe.

How about walking? Do you consciously think about how walk? Of course not! When you walk, just let your feet guide you to your destination. You don’t consciously tell your muscles to pick up each foot and put it back down for every step. It would be too much work for your conscious mind. It’s your subconscious mind that handles all of that for you.

Habits and Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is like an autopilot. It’s been set either biologically, or from years and years of training. Like you saw in the examples above, it runs nearly everything in your life, things you not even consciously aware of.

Your subconscious mind contains vast stores of information. These are stores of information that you’ve been acquiring your entire life. They are much more than your conscious mind could ever handle.

Your subconscious mind takes action based on that information. It even causes conscious thoughts and physical sensations based on that same data. Some of the actions it takes, like working hard or exercising, are empowering while others, life being shy or smoking cigarettes, are not.

Changing Your Habitual Thinking

As an adult you might think you can simply change your habitual thinking. But it’s not that easy. The reason is one of the most fundamental ways you give your experience meaning is through your beliefs. Your beliefs have been stored in your subconscious mind and act to reinforce your motivation to work hard and accomplish the goals you set for yourself or to sabotage you if it has been trained to think you are unable.

These beliefs are stored deep in your subconscious and affect how you habitually think and can also automatically block any attempt you make to change. The only time you actually become aware of this negative subliminal programming is when it limits your progress in creating a balanced, successful and productive life.

How Hypnosis Works

In order to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind you need to get it into a relaxed state. Hypnosis techniques have been used for this purpose for thousands of years. It allows you to bypass your conscious mind and talk directly with your subconscious.

What Would You Like to Change?

So what is it you’d like to change? From the nasty habit of cigarette smoking to nervous habit of fingernail biting, hypnosis has been found as one of fastest ways to achieve that change. If there are things about you that you’d like to change, why not give hypnosis a try?

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