How to Get the Most from Your First Session with a Hypnotherapist


Getting the Most From Your First Hypnotherapy Session

Over the years thousands of clients have come for help with hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques for many types of situations to my San Diego office. After they complete their first session they often rave about how relaxed they were and how much better they already feel.

When I ask them why they hadn’t tried hypnosis before many of them admit that they were afraid because of the misinformation they had mostly about hypnosis (that’s because very few people usually know much about Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques or NLP). They were also a little intimidated because they just didn’t want to admit they needed help.

Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis

There are a number of common misconceptions about hypnosis. These range from things like the hypnotherapist can make you do things you don’t want to do to you can get stuck in hypnosis. These are simply not true.

In its July of 2001 issue, ‘The Scientific American’ magazine reported, “Though often denigrated as fakery or wishful thinking, hypnosis has been shown to be a real phenomenon with a variety of therapeutic uses.”

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Why People Avoid Getting Help

In America, as well as in many other societies, it can be a hard for a person (especially men) to admit you’re dealing with a situation too difficult to handle on your own. But if you’re like 99.9% of my clients, once you come to the conclusion it’s time to seek a hypnotherapist for whatever reason, just taking action will begin to help you feel relieved.

Your First Session with a Hypnotherapist

Your first session with a hypnotherapist will begin to lead you down the path toward successful resolution of the issues that are holding you back.

You can make the most of your first hypnotherapy appointment by following these simple tips:

1. Setting up Your First Session

Make sure you ask the hypnotherapist about the costs for their services as well as how long the sessions will last.

Also, if they give you any instructions for things to bring with you, write them down so you’ll be sure to bring them with you.

To make sure you arrive on time, confirm your hypnotherapist’s street address and ask for specific directions or for any landmarks nearby.

2. Arrive a Few Minutes Early

I would recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes early. By arriving early you have the opportunity to relax before your appointment as well as to complete any necessary forms.

Now you can be fully present when the hypnotherapist is ready for you. If they’re like me, your hypnotherapist will have a number of clients scheduled consecutively and they won’t have much time to accommodate you if you arrive late.

3. Ask Questions

It’s understandable that you may be unsure of the process. If you don’t understand something it’s okay to ask the hypnotherapist about the process. This will help you to relax and trust in the process.

4. Be Open to Information Gathering

Your hypnotherapist will do a considerable amount of information-gathering during your first session. They will need to have an understanding of your personal history get a better picture of your situation. They’ll also inquire about parts of your life that are relevant to your situation.

For example, if you are trying to quit smoking, you hypnotherapist will ask you, “Who lives with you? Do they smoke” They might ask,” What kind of work do you do? Do you smoke at work?” They’ll definitely ask you “How long have you been smoking and why do you want to quit smoking?”

They’ll also inquire if you’ve had other forms of counseling or use other methods to deal with the situation before.

5. Be Open to the Process

Some people find it unnerving to reveal their personal business to a hypnotherapist.

In order to give you the best results your hypnotherapist needs to understand your underlying issues. So try to cooperate as much as possible.

The more open you are to the process, the better the hypnotherapist can tailor your session for you. This will allow you to move forward toward a satisfactory conclusion.

6. Give Honest Responses

The more honest you are with the hypnotherapist, the better able they are to assist with your situation. By bringing issues into the open you are better able to confront and then overcome them.

Openly and honestly respond to any questions asked. One of the best ways to respond to questions is by using “feeling” words. This helps the hypnotherapist better understand what you’re experiencing.

This is especially true when dealing with issues like weight or stress.

Feeling words that describe your situation like, “I eat when I feel sad,” or “I smoke when I feel bored,” or “when people don’t listen to me I feel angry,” and “I feel disappointed in myself when I don’t stick to my diet” helps to shed light on your current underlying emotional situation for the hypnotherapist.

Just sharing your feelings honestly can lead to a breakthrough.

7. Its Okay to Cry

Dealing with a long term situation such as smoking or overeating can lead to tears. Your tears can be a result of feeling relieved to be finally “unloading” your feelings.

Also, opening up about the underlying issues that have led to your situation can tap into feelings that could trigger crying. It’s okay. Just let go and cry.

8. You May Need More Than One Session

With the exception of smoking, there are very few issues that hypnotherapist help with that can usually be handled in one session.

For example, unlike smoking everyone needs to eat. If you’re having ongoing eating issues, you very well might need a number of sessions to help you recalibrate your eating habits.

If your hypnotherapist recommends more sessions it’s probably because their experience has found that you need it. Even if you’re unsure about how effective the first session was, be willing to attend a second session.

Most people experience that they feel better a few days after the first session and even better still after the second.

Why Not Seek Out a Hypnotherapist Today?

As hypnotherapy has become more mainstream, more and more people are going to hypnotherapists to help with their situations. This is especially true when other types of therapies have faltered.

If you’ve been struggling with an issue for a while and haven’t been able to find anything that has been able to address it to your satisfaction then attending your first hypnotherapy session can be extremely enlightening. While any hypnotherapist will agree that hypnotherapy is just one of the tools you can use, for many people it can be the most powerful tool they’ve ever encountered.

Using these tips to work with a hypnotherapist can help you to move past your barriers and begin living the most enriching, enlightening life possible.


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