Can I Be Hypnotized?


You Are Already Being Hypnotized

Many people doubt that they can be hypnotized, in fact when people find out I am a Master NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist I often get asked “Can you really hypnotize me?”

This is normal. The facts are that most people don’t think they can be hypnotized.

Beliefs About Being Hypnotized

Can you be hypnotized? Is it possible for you to enter into the deepest states of hypnotic trance?

One of the biggest myths about hypnosis is the idea that if a person is hypnotizable then they lack will-power, are naive or are below average intelligence.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Studies have found that the best hypnotic subjects are actually very intelligent and have well developed abilities to concentrate and focus.

Another myth is that hypnosis knocks you out or makes you go to sleep.

This is also false. This myth roots is a result of the label “hypnosis” which roots comes from the Greek hupntikos, to put to sleep and from from hupnos, sleep.

There are actually three levels of hypnosis, Alpha I, Alpha II and Alpha III. Alpha I is the lightest level of hypnosis and Alpha III is the deepest level of hypnosis.

Each person who enters the hypnotic state experiences it differently. Some people experience and extremely deep state where their awareness is altered and their memory hidden, while others find themselves in a state that is equal to a nice state of relaxation.

What’s important to remember is that it doesn’t matter what Alpha state you’re in to receive benefit from hypnosis.

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

According to Stanford University Medical School “Nine out of 10 people can be hypnotized. However, hypnotism will not work if you do not want to be hypnotized or do not want to feel out of control. Hypnotism requires trust and imagination.”  (Hypnosis – Stanford Medicine Cancer Institute –

Everyone, including you, goes into a trace state constantly throughout the day.

For example, have you ever driven somewhere familiar, like home and didn’t remember the drive? Have you ever been so engrossed in a book or a television show and when a person tried to talk to get your attention you didn’t (or didn’t want to) notice them? Maybe you’ve watched a movie and so totally identified with the characters you lost in the story?

I suspect that you, like everyone else on this planet can answer yes to one if not all of these questions. That means have already been hypnotized.

What is Hypnosis Used For?

Just entering a hypnotic trance can be very therapeutic for your mind and body because it can help you to relieve the day to day stress everyone experiences.

The real power of hypnosis is a result of the positive suggestions and images that are used by a professional hypnotherapist in this state. These suggestions can shift your dominant thinking about any subject you choose and, as a result, quickly and easily alter your behavior permanently.

The hypnotherapist can help to guide you into a mental rehearsal of the new behaviors. This can help you to shift the way you think about old memories or help you visualized a future event in a way that retrains your mind and body to respond to certain situations differently.

If they are also versed in Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques they can also help you anchor good feelings to these new, more empowering behaviors.

So Can You Be Hypnotized?

Most research has found that the best hypnotic subjects are those people who can easily immerse themselves in an imagined event. Those subjects who enter the deepest, conscious altering, states of trance are those who easily become absorbed in a flight of their imagination while blocking out their external surroundings.

This is a skill that many people in the self improvement field strive very hard to acquire. But like all skills I believe being hypnotizable can be both learned and highly developed with practice.

You Can Be Hypnotized!

I believe that under the right circumstances and conditions you most definitely can and will enter a state of trance. You can then use the hypnotic state as catalyst for change in your life.

Using hypnotherapy you can remove unwanted behaviors, instill new, more empowering ones and even program yourself with the characteristics and personality traits you desire.

The only real limitations of hypnosis are those you place on it. Why not give hypnotherapy a chance? You just might find you like it.


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