Quit Smoking Tips for Women

Quit Smoking Tips

Quit Smoking Tips for Women


Smoking kills 1,200 people around the world every day and is the number one cause of preventable death in the world. In the U.S. smoking is responsible for 30 percent of all heart attacks and cardiovascular deaths.

There’s a long, running debate about whether it’s more difficult for women or men to quit smoking. In a recent study, the University College London looked at more than 100,000 smokers in the United States, Britain and Canada they found that there is really very little difference between the sexes when it comes to quitting.

Here’s what’s important. With the right motivation and approach, everyone can stop smoking.

The following are some quit smoking tips that are can be especially helpful for women.

Stop Smoking Methods and Women

1. Pregnant and Want to Quit Smoking? Avoid NRT.

If you’re pregnant the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise against nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as the patch or gum.  During pregnancy, women metabolize nicotine as much as 120 times faster than men. This means the normal dose contained in the patch or gum is ineffective.

If you’re not expecting, NRT may be effective.  The problem with NRT is that it’s not really much better than just trying to stop smoking cold turkey.

2. Women and Nicotine Receptors

Research shows that if you smoke you have more nicotine receptors in your brain. Nicotine receptors bind to nicotine and reinforce your smoking habit.

Research also seems to suggest that female smokers have fewer nicotine receptors in their brains than men.  This means that giving up smoking is more complicated for women than just replacing the nicotine.

3. Use Alternative Methods

For women and men it’s better to use a method to stop smoking that addresses more than your nicotine addiction. You need to use something that also addresses your psychological addiction to smoking.

I personally suggest the use of hypnotherapy to stop smoking but there are other methods as well. Browse the internet or consult your doctor to find out about more options.

Post-Smoking Weight Gain for Women

1. Be Comfortable with Your Body Image

One of the most often heard objections I hear from women to stop smoking is they’re afraid of gaining weight. The facts are you just may gain a little weight, although hypnotherapy can address this issue.

Instead of fretting about your weight try cultivating a healthy body image that lets you appreciate your individual beauty, regardless of your dress size.

2. A Little Weight gain is Okay

Most ex-smokers gain 5 to 10 pounds. Much of this weight is caused by an increase in water weight. While weight gain can be managed, remember that smoking is much more risky than a few extra pounds.

3. Guard Against Too Much Weight Gain

While a little weight gain is okay, becoming obese as a result of quitting smoking is not. If after you stop smoking you gain more than 10 pounds or you continue to gain weight after 3 months you’ll need to do something to manage your weight.

4. Exercise

Some people find that their metabolism slows when they stop smoking. Not only will exercising speed up your metabolism it will also help to improve your mood.

5. Watch Your Emotional Eating

While food is comforting to everyone, women tend to have stronger tendencies to turn to food when they’re distressed. Instead of comforting yourself with food, give yourself zero calorie treats like bubble baths or time to read that new novel you’ve been dying to get into.

6. Consume Less Naturally

Don’t let yourself get hungry. Sip water, herbal tea, or clear soup to keep your stomach feeling full and satisfied.

7. Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

In addition to being the best overall method statistically to stop smoking, hypnosis can help keep your appetite in check.  Ask your doctor if they know a hypnotherapist they’d recommend to help you quit smoking.

You can also use self hypnosis. Here’s the self hypnosis I give to clients who can’t come in to my office. xxx

A few More Quit Smoking Tips for Women

1. Use Behavioral Based Stop Smoking Solutions

You smoke because of rituals you’ve associated with smoking. Try deep breathing instead of reaching for a cigarette with that morning cup of coffee. You can go for a walk instead of sitting in the backyard smoking. These address your behaviors and can help you persevere.

2. Use Natural Stress Relief Methods

Most of my clients tell me they reach for a cigarette when they’re feeling tense or stressed.  Try to handle stress with new habits like meditation or yoga.

3. Join a Support Group

Here’s where being a woman can really help because generally speaking women understand the value of social support. Call your health insurance or local hospital. They might have a stop smoking group they’d recommend.

4. Connected With Social Media

There are many support groups on the Internet. You can join an existing stop smoking group or start your own. Encourage each other with text messages or e-mails.

Start Using these Quit Smoking Tips Today!

There is nothing you can do that is better for your health than to stop smoking now, today, at this very moment. And it doesn’t matter what method you use as longs as it works.

The most important thing is that you put these quit smoking tips to work and stop smoking. Do it for life!


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