Self Reflection – I treat my body as a castle

My body is my prized possession and deserves to be taken care of.

It needs to function well so I can meet my physical obligations.

Since my body carries me through life I invest in its constant care

I take time to exercise my body, which keeps it in top running shape.

I am conscious about what I put into my mouth because what I eat determines how well my inner body functions.

I habitually reach for healthy foods because they are what keep my body strong.

Eating healthy ensures my mind is sharp and able to take on the day’s challenges.

I also am conscious about what goes into my mind because this also affects my health.

I exercise my mind every chance I get, finding novel ways to give it a good mental workout.

I am committed to living an amazing life.

This starts by having a healthy body – inside and out.

My life’s mission is to treat my body as a castle, keeping it as happy and healthy as possible.