When I wake up each morning I take the opportunity to send out my gratitude to the universe.

Acknowledging my blessings encourages me and keeps me on a positive path.

Starting my day this way makes my life more positive and enjoyable and lets my positive attributes shine through, no matter my external circumstances.

Part of my gratefulness is practicing basic social graces, expressing thanks to others whenever I have the chance.

This has an immediate impact that is often overlooked – bringing a smile from the person I express my gratitude to.

Instead of demanding I ask. This allows me to work in partnership with those I depend upon to get my work done.

I let others find the joy of knowing that I am relying on them. This makes them more willing to help me.

I know that I can receive anything I want ā€“ if Iā€™m willing to let others get what they want.

I want kindness, I give kindness, I want friendship, I give friendship – giving allows me to receive even more blessings when I least expect them.

My self-respect allows me to respect others, my self-esteem to esteem others.

I am aware of my value and how I expect to be treated. I give that same regard to everyone I meet.

Today and every day, my life is better because I positively regard my blessings.

I know that being positive helps to amplify my happiness.

I am committed to enjoying my blessings and being a shining example for anyone I come across ā€“ doing my part to make the world a better place for everyone I meet.