Melt Away Stress with this Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Process

self-hypnosis relaxationIn our modern world there’s a ton of stuff that can stress you out. From squabbles with family members, to traffic, to problems at work, you’re faced with lots of stress every day. There’s simply no way to escape all that stress and anxiety but you can learn to control it with self-hypnosis relaxation.

The Problem With Stress

Left to itself stress can make your life miserable, giving you headaches, stomach aches and interfering with your sleep. Over time stress can actually cause physical illness and even death.

You can use self hypnosis to calm your mind and ease your stress. With this self-hypnosis relaxation process, you can take back control of your emotions and your life.

It will take some practice to learn this process but it’s well worth the effort. It’s a great tool to have at the ready when stressful events appear.

Use this simple self hypnosis relaxation process to help you calm your mind and live a more peaceful life:

1. Turn off all your electronics

Our modern electronic world can be very distracting.

During your self hypnosis session, turn off your cell phone, computer, TV, stereo, and everything else that could disturb you.

If you really want to relax, peace and quiet are an absolute necessity.

2. Make yourself comfortable

Self hypnosis doesn’t require any particular position. Find a comfortable body position that allows you to fully relax without falling asleep.

You might sit in a comfortable, supportive chair. You can even use one that tilts back slightly.

Make sure the room temperature is comfortable and if you feel a little chilly cover yourself with the light blanket.

3. Let your eyes close

As you close your eyes imagine you’re floating in a pool of clear, warm water. Imagine the warmth of the water fully covering your whole body.

As the water covers your body, imagine your mind and body becoming relaxed and calm.

4. Imagine a whiteboard floating in front of you

Imagine you’re holding two markers of the colors of your choice in one hand.

In your other hand, you have a brand new eraser that always works perfectly.

Pick a random number between 50 and 99 and write that number on the board using one color for the tens and the other color for the ones.

Take a deep breath in and as you breathe our erase it.  Feel your body becoming more relaxed.

Continue writing, erasing, and relaxing until you reach the number 17.

If you lose track, go back to the last number you remember and start over there.

Try to stay on track and not let your mind wander.

5. Imagine a door in front of you

This door is a perfectly handcrafted wooden door.

Imagine that it’s smooth and warm to your touch.

As you place your hand on the door it opens easily.

On the other side of the door you find your ideal environment, the place you’d most like to be to relax.

It might be a beautiful beach, a meadow by a mountain lake, or a beautiful garden or maybe just a place in your back yard.

Wherever you are it is relaxing and peaceful.

Make some adjustments to your perfect space.

Maybe you want to add or subtract trees or flowers.

What sounds do you hear? Are there birds singing or the rustling of the wind?

Add whatever sights, sounds, and feelings you would like that make the space as perfect as possible. You can do whatever you want here and make this space anyway you’d like.

Create a space that is calm and relaxing for you, the ideal setting that feels the most peaceful.

Remain in this space for as long as you like.

As a general rule, the more time you’re able to spend in this perfect, imaginary space, the better you’ll feel after you return.

If your time is limited you may want to set an alarm. This will allow you to relax instead of worrying about being late or falling asleep.

Start Using this Self Hypnosis Relaxation Process Today!

It’s important to practice your self-hypnosis relaxation process when you have a little bit of stress and anxiety.

That way when you’re more stressed out you’ll already know how to use it to calm yourself.

Learning to use this self-hypnosis relaxation process will help you melt away all your stress and worries and live a calm and peace filled life.


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