9 Steps to Hypnotizing Yourself

hypnotizing yourself

Self-hypnosis can be fun and easy. Here’s what you need to do to get ready and some easy steps to follow when hypnotizing yourself.

Preparing for Self-Hypnosis

The first thing to do is find a quiet place where you can relax and are unlikely to be disturbed. Sit or lie down so that you can comfortably relax.

Once you are in a relaxed position choose a ‘trigger word’ to help you to relax. Easy words such as ‘let go’ or ‘relax’ are good to use.

You are going to repeat your trigger word at the beginning of each deep breath. For example, as you take a breath you say “relax”.

Next, choose an affirmation or positive suggestion to repeat. For example, if you want to be able to be able to relax try using something like “I am feeling relaxed and comfortable.”

One of the best things you can do when hypnotizing yourself is try to visualize a relaxing scene. Some people use the beach others like to imagine being in a meadow or garden. If you have problems at first visualizing a scene, simply try to imagine a soothing, shapeless cloud of mist surrounding you.

9 Steps to Hypnotizing Yourself

1. When hypnotizing yourself, sit on a couch or a chair in the upright position. Close your eyes. Let your arms relax at your side or in your lap. Just sit there and relax.

2. Clear your mind of all thoughts. How do you do this? While hypnotizing yourself you can simply imagine a big dumpster or a very large metal box on a large movie screen in your mind. Watch as it opens and put all your thoughts and worries into it one by one. Drop you bills into it. Now your relationship problems. Job problems. Kid problems. Every problem you can think of, drop it into the box. Now, close the lid and lock it! Push the dumpster off the edge of your mental screen.

3. Sit quietly for a minute. When you are ready to start, relax each part of your body. Remember to tell yourself that each part of your body is becoming more and more relaxed as you go. Continue to relax each part of your body.

4. Starting with your head, imagine every part of your head relaxing. Your scalp relaxing. Your eyes relaxing. Your jaws relaxing. Your tongue relaxing. All your facial muscles. Spend time with each part of your head to make sure it becomes fully relaxed.

5. Now go to your neck and relax the left side of your neck, then the right side.

6. Next, go to you whole chest and stomach region. Start with your heartbeat. Relax and let your heartbeat slow down and beat peacefully. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Exhale fully. Relax all your chest muscles. Now relax your stomach muscles.

7. Relax your arms. Let them go loose and limp. Relax every muscle in your arms, hands and fingers. Relax your arms from your shoulders to your fingers.

8. Next go to your pelvis and groin area. Relax all the muscle there. Relax your butt.

9. Now it is time to relax your legs. Start with your thighs. Work your way down through your calves. Now all the way down to your feet. Relax each and every toe.
This the process you want to use while hypnotizing yourself. If you used this process, by this time, you should be like a big lump of silly putty. You should be totally relaxed and at peace. This is the fun part, where you get to use the self-hypnosis script you’ve written for yourself.

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