4 Ways to Use Self-Directed Hypnosis

Self-Directed HypnosisSelf-hypnosis is a form of self-directed hypnosis that can be used for a variety of different reasons. Using self-hypnosis, a person uses subtle suggestions to alter the way they think about something they want to change.

Since it’s self-directed hypnosis, there is no need for a hypnotist. This has some drawbacks but also has a number of distinct advantages. For starters, self-directed hypnosis can be practiced anywhere and at any time. As an added bonus, it’s also completely free of charge. Better yet though, self-directed hypnosis allows you to remain completely in control and to use suggestions that you know are going to effective for you.

So, it’s powerful stuff sure, but what can you use self-hypnosis to achieve?

Read on and we’ll look at some powerful examples of self-directed hypnosis…

Combating Anxiety

If you, like most people today, are constantly dealing with stress and anxiety, then learning to stay calm and to deal better with stress can greatly improve your quality of life. In the short term, you can use self-directed hypnosis as a very effective relaxation technique. In the long term it can help prevent those stressful thoughts from coming up in the first place.


You can also use self-hypnosis to improve your general self-confidence. Of course, this can be beneficial in nearly every aspect of your life. You can also use self-hypnosis to train yourself for context-specific confidence. For example, if you want to have more confidence for meeting people in public or in speaking to groups.


One of the most common reasons people go to see a professional hypnotist is to help them overcome some kind of addiction. This could be a smoking addiction, sex addiction or even a chocolate addiction. You can use self-hypnosis the same way to help you overcome your own addictions by reducing cravings and changing the way you feel about what you are addicted to.


Adherence is your ability to set a goal and then stick to it. An easy example is the ability to stick to a new exercise or diet regime, no matter if you are trying to lose weight or building muscle. No exercise routine will work if you can’t stick to it!

Again, self-hypnosis can help with this. It is often enough to ensure that you actually stick to the program you’ve chosen. By increasing your ability to stick to your goals, you can make anything possible!

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