Want to Raise Your Self-Esteem? Set Your Intention

Raise Your Self Esteem “Raise Your Self Esteem by Setting Your Intention”.

Welcome to today’s self-esteem booster “Raise Your Self Esteem by Setting Your Intention”.
Not finishing what you start is one of the best ways to damage your self-esteem. That’s because the message you’re giving yourself is “I don’t know what I want”.
To raise your self-esteem you need to set your intention. Setting you intention means deciding on what you want and then finishing what you start. Once you do this your self-esteem will soar!
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Why Setting Your Intention Raises Your Self Esteem.
Is there something you’ve “intended” to do, but never follow through? How did you feel after?
I’m sure that your self-worth took a hit.
If you never set your intention and commitment, you will never follow through.
Today you’re going to change this! From now on when you begin a task, make a promise to finish what you start. To help keep this promise imagine what it will be like when once it is completed.
How do you look? Are you standing taller?
Do you hear the praise people are giving you?
Do you feel like “a million dollars”?
Now use these images to motivate you to complete what you start. Don’t put it off, start taking action now. This alone will raise your self-esteem!
That’s it! Now keep an eye out for your next self-esteem booster.
Professor D.
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