Understanding Self-Esteem

Understanding Self-EsteemToday’s booster is “Understanding Self-Esteem.”

Understanding self esteem is easy. A simple definition of self-esteem is “understanding your own strengths, as well as weaknesses, and using that information to help you move through life.”

Its more than just understanding self esteem.

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If you focus too much on your faults you decrease  your own value so today I want you to invest 15 minutes in yourself by writing down a list of your strengths.

Consider everything in your life.Stay positive.  Is there a hobby you love and do well?  Are you involved in a social group?  Are you active in your children’s lives?  Do you love to spend time in nature?

Consider all the different aspects of your life.

Write down your strengths in these areas.

This is what’s behind understanding self esteem.

That’s it!

Now all you have to do is keep an eye out for your next self esteem booster.
Professor D
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