Take a Self-Esteem Check Up

Take a Self-Esteem Check UpTake a Self-Esteem Check Up

Welcome to today’s self-esteem booster “Take a Self-Esteem Check Up.”
What are you getting done? If you don’t think you’re doing enough your self-esteem can suffer. Let’s counteract this with a quick inventory of all your good accomplishments.

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Take a Check Up From the Neck Up

Zig Ziglar, the great motivational speaker used to say, “”We all need a daily check up from the neck up to avoid stinkin thinkin which ultimately leads to hardening of the attitudes.”
Here’s what I want you to do today. Right now, invest 15 minutes writing down the last 5 things you accomplished that made a difference to you or someone else in your life
Don’t be too hard on yourself. This could have been something as simple as smiling at a clerk in the store or getting an “A” on an exam or getting an excellent report in to your boss.
When you are finished, take a look at what you’re good at. Do you see a pattern? Are there favorite areas or subjects where you really put on the afterburners?
Now, list your successes in order of things you enjoy doing.
That’s it! Now keep an eye out for your next self-esteem booster.
Professor D
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