Raise Your Self Esteem – Focus on Your Needs First

raise your self esteem Raise Your Self Esteem – Focus on Your Needs First

Welcome to today’s self-esteem booster “Focus on Your Needs First”.
Do you have a tendency to focus on the needs of others rather than your own? While this happens more to women than men, it can affect all of us.
While it’s okay to take care of others, it’s not okay to NOT take care of yourself. If you do your self-esteem and self-worth will suffer and there’s an excellent chance that some people will start taking advantage of you.
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Why You Need to Focus on Your Needs First
Have you ever flown on a plane? If you have then you’ve heard the person explaining that “in the case of loss of pressure the oxygen masks will fall. If you are flying with small children put you own mask on first before putting it on your child.”
Why do they tell us this? It’s because if you don’t take care of your oxygen first you could pass out and no one will be saved.
For you to be able to serve others you need to take care of yourself!
Today write down three activities that make you feel better about yourself. These can be exercising, reading, watching movies, anything that’s meaningful to you.
Now put these activities in your calendar for this week. Actually put them in a block of time the same as you would any other appointment.
Now when your appointment comes up, go do the activity you wrote down! Next week do the same thing!
That’s it! Now keep an eye out for your next self-esteem booster.
Professor D.
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