Overcoming Your Past – How to Raise Your Self Esteem

raise your self esteem

Here’s 7 steps to help you raise your self esteem

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.”Maxwell Maltz

For some people a lack of or low self-esteem can be traced back to childhood. Parents, being human, mess up some times and don’t do the parenting thing very well. Some have a difficult upbringing or suffer through traumatic events. In cases like these a child’s self-esteem can suffer.  Sometimes these low self-esteem issues follow us into adulthood as well.

How Your Self Esteem Can Affect You

Difficult events can affect the how you see yourself. For example, if you lose your job or your relationship, have financial difficulties or file bankruptcy, you may begin to believe that you have a dark cloud floating over you and it’s all your fault these bad things to happened.

This can damage your self-esteem.

7 Steps to Raise Your Self Esteem

1.  Develop Positive Relationships

Keep your life positive by surrounding yourself with positive people. At the same time get rid of the negative ones.

• Life’s too short to spend your precious time with negative people. The problem is they will only drag you down and reinforce your low opinion of yourself. Instead surround yourself with positive people who support and encourage you.

• When someone tells you that you’ve done a good job, listen to them and say “Thank you!” They are praising your because your deserve it.

2. Focus on What You’ve Done Right

Stop thinking about what you “should have,” “could have,” or “would have” happened if things would have been different. Those things are all in the past. Things in the past can’t be changed, no matter how much you tell yourself “I could have done this,” or “I should have done that.”

• Instead of “I could have done this,” or “I should have done that” focus on what you’ve learned and tell yourself, “Next time I’ll do this,” or “I’m going to do that.”

3. Remember – Nobody’s Perfect  

You are human and you will make mistakes. Get over it!

• Perfection only exists in theory. If you’re waiting for everything to be perfect you’ll always be waiting. Even worse you’ll become discouraged when you inevitably make a mistake.

• Re label mistakes as what they are – a chance to learn and grow.

4. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

When you finish something or get something right, recognize and celebrate your accomplishment.

• If you’re like most people with low self-esteem you probably spend a lot of time focusing on what went wrong. Instead, focus on the positive and give yourself permission to be happy. Remember, it’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering for a charitable organization gets you outside yourself. Helping others will make you feel good about yourself and give a big boost to your self-esteem.

• You’ll feel good about yourself when you’re supporting a good cause.

6. Write Down What You Like About Yourself

Write down all your strengths, skills, talents, and positive personality traits. This help you focus on all the good things in your life.

7.  Get a Coach or Therapist

While sometimes professional help is required, a coach can help you focus on your good qualities. You can also use a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner to shift your focus.

• A coach, hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner can help you shift your thinking in a way that provides you with additional strategies for increasing your self-esteem.

• Often people with low self-esteem have issues in their relationships, trouble in their careers, or a number of other challenges. This can lead to anxiety, social withdrawal and even depression. In extreme cases you may want to see a mental health professional.

Use These Strategies to Raise Your Self Esteem

While there are many factors which can cause or contribute to low self-esteem, in order to overcome it you need to take action. Start using these techniques to help yourself feel better about yourself and start living the life of your dreams!


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