Be Your Own Cheerleader

Welcome to today’s self-esteem booster “Be Your Own Cheerleader”.

cheerleaderIt’s common for people to focus on what they do wrong rather than what they do well. While they could do a hundred thing right in a day they’ll focus on the one thing that they made a mistake on.
While it’s good learn from your mistakes it’s not good to ruminate on them. Running over a mistake over and over again just runs you down.
Instead of focusing on your mistakes learn to celebrate your accomplishments.
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How to be Your Own Cheerleader
One way to build your self-esteem is after you accomplish something, like completing a project, or writing a paper or getting an “A” on an exam celebrate by telling yourself “Way to go” or “You’re the bomb” or anything that audibly recognizes your accomplishment.
Another thing you can do is to surround yourself with successful people and let them know about your goals. The reason you want to be around successful people is because they understand the importance of setting and achieving goals.
When you accomplish them they know how hard you’ve worked and the obstacles you’ve had to overcome to achieve them. As a result they will congratulate you for the work you’ve done to achieve them.
Today’s assignment is to start congratulating yourself for what you do well. Also, find positive people to spend time with. Finally make a conscious effort to spend less time with people who are constantly looking for (expecting) the worst.
So start being your own cheerleader and learn to focus on success. That way you’re more likely get it.
That’s it! Now keep an eye out for your next self-esteem booster.
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