6 Simple Steps for Developing Self-Discipline

self discipline

How to Develop Self Discipline

At the end of the day do you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I get my project done?” When you step on the scale to you ask, “Why can’t I lose weight?” Do you think, “I’ll just put off writing that e-mail later” as you’re lying on the couch in front of the TV?

It doesn’t matter if your goal is big or small, unless it’s something that you really enjoy it can be difficult to get yourself to get off the couch and do what it takes.  In order to do what needs to be done it takes self discipline.

Building Your Self Discipline

From an increased stress level at work because of procrastination to the health problems caused by being overweight, the lack of discipline can have a huge impact on your life.

The good news is you don’t have to live life this. The following are some simple techniques you can use to bring your self-discipline back under control:

1. Stop Beating Yourself Up

self discipline

How to Develop Self Discipline

Hey, we all eat too much, surf the internet when we’re suppose to be working or watch TV when we should be paying the bills every once in a while. If you find yourself doing something like this, don’t beat yourself up.

Feeling guilty doesn’t make anyone better, in fact it makes you less capable of doing what needs to be done. You’re human, humans slip up at times.

Instead of beating yourself up tell yourself “I’m better than that” and move on.

2. Keep Focused on Your Outcome

Why do you want to get the project done, or lose weight or write the e-mail? It’s because the accomplishment of that task or goal will make you feel a certain way.

So use your imagination and feel, see and hear what it will be like when you accomplish it. What will it feel like when you reach that certain weight? What will it sound like you’re your boss tells you what a great job you’ve done on that project? What will it be like when you read that e-mail that gives you the information you were seeking?

Focus on the outcome, what the result will be when you’re finished. That’s what will motivate you. If you want to get something done and you’re having difficulty getting started, find your motivation.

3. Break it Up Into Smaller Pieces

I was watching an interview with the actor Will Smith (he’s the other good looking Wil but with two l’s). In the interview he told a story about his father having him and his brother build a brick wall in the front of a building. When his father told them to do that he thought it was impossible to build a wall that big. What he found was he didn’t build a wall, he placed one brick on top of another and one by one the bricks built the wall.

Break your goal into smaller pieces. The smaller the task, the more likely you are to perform the activity.

For example, if you want to start exercising make it something you can do easily. Walk around the block one time, or work out for five minutes with a work out video. The next week you can add another block or work out for ten minutes.

Little by little you will get to the point where exercising is no longer something you make yourself do, it’s just something you do, a habit.

That’s how you get anything done, break it up into smaller pieces.

4. Make it Fun

I love to train in the martial arts, that’s fun exercise to me but it might not be fun to you.  You might like playing tennis, walking with your dog, or taking a Yoga class. That’s fund exercise for you.

To make it more fun, instead of working on your e-mails at your desk go outside and work on them on your deck or by the pool.

Think, how could I accomplish this task and make it fun?

5. Be in this Moment

Unless you are experiencing a vicious cramp in you leg or are about to be consumed in a Tsunami wave I hallucinating that your life is pretty good in this moment.

The things that make us feel bad either happened in the past or haven’t happened yet. When you use your imagination thinking about how unpleasant something might be or how bad something might turn out, that’s just using your imagination in an unproductive way.  It makes it a lot harder to get motivated to do anything.

• By staying in the moment you, like a Buddhist monk, can focus on the activity at hand and keep you mind calm.  Once you’re done, move on to the next task and then the next.

Doing everything with the same attention and calmness develops your self discipline.

6. Stick with It

In order to accomplish anything you need to sick with it. That’s really the key to self discipline, isn’t it?

If you miss a workout or eat too much desert, reset your goal and start again.

You’re not a robot. You will not be perfect 100% of the time. Get over it and get on with it!

Put these Six Steps to Develop Your Self Discipline to Work Today!

self discipline

How to Develop Self Discipline

It doesn’t matter what you do, unless you’re lucky enough to have only things you like to do you’re going to have to employ some self discipline to get the things that aren’t so pleasant done. When that happens remember to find fun ways to do it, concentrate only on the task at hand and remember why it’s important to you.

This way you won’t need to feel guilty and you can stay motivated. Then it’s off to the next task. Pretty soon you’ll find that you have developed the type of self discipline needed to accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

That’s what you really want, isn’t it?

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