6 Keys to Stop Procrastinating – The Secrets of Getting More Done in Less Time

stop procrastinating

Stop procrastinating and get more done!

Do you find yourself continually procrastinating? In other words is the only thing you know you’ll get done is putting things off that you should be doing?

People who constantly procrastinate feel out of control, stuck where they are at.  There is a simple solution to this; all they need to do is bolster their self discipline.

As a Master NLP practitioner and certified hypnotherapist I see people who lack of self discipline every day. They tell me they feel like they’re on a never ending treadmill, always striving but getting no where.

In reality, a little self discipline can change your world and everything in it. A little self discipline can make the difference between finishing that new project, starting on that college degree or sticking to your new diet.

Self-discipline is what drives a martial arts student to attend every class available to them and then put in an extra hour of practice each day.  In fact without self discipline no one would ever reach the black belt level.

The value of Self Discipline

People who have developed their self-discipline don’t rely on talent or luck. Through their disciplined action they hone their talent and create their own luck.

As a martial arts instructor I have seen and experienced first hand the value of self discipline. I have seen it take a person with less than average talent and develop them into an amazingly competent black belt. All it took was practice and time.

Developing your self-discipline is very similar to becoming a black belt. It takes time and effort. But just as becoming a black belt doesn’t happen overnight, neither will becoming a self disciplined person.

If you presently have very little self discipline, you’re not going to suddenly have a massive amount of it next week. But, if you keep at it, you can develop the skill of self discipline over time.

Here are 6 keys for developing greater self-discipline. These tips will help you stop procrastinating and take charge of your life:

1. Develop the “Do it Now” Mindset

The definition of a procrastinator is someone who puts things off. Instead of putting things off, do whatever you’re supposed to do now.

Don’t wait until you feel like it. Guess what? Until you build the habit you will never feel like it!

• Self-discipline is doing what needs to be done, in spite of whether you feel like it or not.

2. Take Small Bites

This goes back to the old philosophical question of “How do you eat an elephant?”

Answer, “One bite at a time.”

If you are a procrastinator your level of self-control is low. You are not going to jump from putting things off to doing what needs to be done overnight. Start by changing a small behavior.

• If you haven’t been exercising, start with a 15 minute walk around the block. If you have been putting off getting your college degree, start by taking one class.

Remember, inch by inch makes it a cinch!

3. Finish What You Start

The reason you don’t want to finish something is because it’s unpleasant.

For example, you wash all the plates and glasses but leave the big, greasy frying pan. You mow the lawn put leave the big pile of trimmings in a pile. You start on your half hour walk on the treadmill and then decide you need to check something on the computer 20 minutes later.

• In order to stop procrastinating you need to finish what you start. Instead of giving yourself an out, make it a             point of personal honor to finish your tasks.

• If you are working on something that should take a day or less, finish it. By finishing what you’ve started you’re building your self discipline muscles. This will carry over to every other area of your life.

4. Associate Finishing with Good Feelings

The reason you delay working on something is because you have associated negative feelings with it.  Instead, associate finishing the tasks you’ve set before you with good feelings.

• Allow yourself a reward when you finish something. For example, if you got your project done before it was due give yourself a treat or go visit someone you enjoy talking with.

5. Set Deadlines

I have been a college professor for a long time. Do you know why college students do their assignments?          It’s because those projects have deadlines.

If you have something you’d like to accomplish set up an artificial time pressure. This deadline will keep you focused on finishing what you’ve started.

• A simple tool you can use to keep you focused is a timer place where you can see it on your desk.

6. Take Short Breaks

Self discipline doesn’t mean working for hours on end.  While the time a person needs between breaks varies, many studies have found that giving yourself a 10-minute break every hour or so can actually improve your productivity.

• Don’t sit at your desk during your break. Get out of your chair and take a short walk around your building. Make a short phone call to your significant other.

• Don’t start something you would like to do instead of what you’re doing. For example stay away from video games or YouTube videos. These can easily stretch a 10 minute break into a half hour or more.

Remember, your break should be a break from work, not time for entertainment.

Use these Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Getting More Done

Using these 6 tips you can stop procrastinating and develop the type of self discipline necessary to get more done in less time.

The key is to begin small and let your habits of being more self disciplined grow. Once you start getting more done you’ll start feeling better about your new behaviors and you’ll start doing them over and over again.

Soon be getting more done in every area of your life and you’ll forget that you were ever a procrastinator to begin with.


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