5 Simple Tips to Conquer Workplace Stress

workplace stress

The effects of workplace stress

Here’s a fact, work can stress you out. Project deadlines, job insecurity, and dealing with a difficult co-worker or supervisor are just a few of the most common sources of workplace stress. Since you spend so much of your life working, workplace stress can negatively affect your health, well-being, and relationships.

Every year The Marlin Company publishes “Attitudes in the American Workplace” this year is its seventh edition. According to this study:

  • 82% of employees report that they feel some workplace stress.
  • 42% of workers say that workplace stress affects their personal relationships.
  • 35% of those surveyed believe that workplace stress harms their physical and emotional health.

But, not matter the source of your workplace stress, there are simple tips that can help you defeat stress and feel more calm, centered, and in control when you are at work.

Try one of these simple tips the next time you feel workplace stress weighing you down:

  1. Change it up

A long, difficult or time consuming task can leave you feeling frustrated, especially when there seems to be no end in sight. As you trudge along,   continuing to pore over this task without results, your frustration and stress levels will continue to build up. You can instantly reduce your stress by switching up what you are focused on.

  • By working on something else you can gain a new perspective on an old or complex issue. By changing tasks you are forcing your mind to think differently. This can quickly lead you to creative solutions and renewed energy.
  • There is also a health benefit to changing tasks. It helps lower your heart rate and reduce stress-related hormone levels.
  1. Take a mini mental vacation

Are you feeling stressed, tense and overwhelmed by things that are out of your control? Is your boss asking you to do more with less, and finish it yesterday? Did an irritate customer get ion your nerves?  No matter the reason, your body feels the effects of the workplace stress you’re experiencing.

  • A simple technique for releasing stress is focusing on your breathing and using progressive relaxation techniques.
  • When you feel stressed close your eyes for a few moments and focus on your breathing. By focusing on your breathing you can clear your mind.
  • Progressive relaxation involves looking for those places in your body that feel tense. Now tighten the muscles in those areas as you inhale and then slowly release them as you exhale.
  • Now that you’ve relaxed your muscles, focus on your breathing while repeating positive affirmations to yourself. For example, you could say, “I feel calm, confident, and ready to face any challenges.”
  1. Get up

A new study has found that sitting for too long is dangerous to your health. Get up and move around.

  • Take your lunch away from your desk. It will give you the mental space you need while you eat. Save a few minutes of your lunch to take a short walk to refresh and regroup.
  • Every hour or so get up from your desk and move around for a few minutes. This helps to re-oxygenate your cells and release your stress. It will also bring new clarity to your thinking.
  • Take a walk around the building or the block. You’ll return motivated to take on your projects with renewed energy.
  1. Exercise

One of the best ways to reduce workplace stress is to exercise regularly. Also, eating healthy foods and getting an adequate amount of sleep will help you deal more effectively with workplace stress.

  • Stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking or overeating. While they can make you feel better temporarily they cause additional stress of their own.
  1. Understand your limits

Don’t let anyone think you are a superhero. No one can do everything and no one, including yourself, should expect you to. Don’t allow others to pressure you into over-committing.

  • Learn to say no to yourself and others when you can’t take on another project or task.
  • Set realistic expectations and deadlines.
  • Understand and ask for more time or resources when you need them. This helps to set you up for success instead of failure.

Stop Letting Workplace Stress Overwhelm You

No matter what kind of job you have workplace stress is bound to affect you. Use these tips do release tension, reduce workplace stress, and feel more energized and capable at work.


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