Using Mindfulness Meditation to Control Panic Attacks

mindfulness meditationBeing able to control your response to stress is very helpful for those who suffer from panic attacks. One of the best methods for doing this is mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation had been used by priests, monks, and religious leaders for thousands of years in their search for enlightenment, revelation, and salvation. In this modern age, ordinary people seeking to experience inner peace can apply the same principles. Through meditation, they become better equipped in dealing with stress and anxiety producing situations they face each day.

While meditation used to be solely as a religious tradition, today mindfulness is a proven scientific method for relaxing the mind and body.

How benefits are brought about by regular mindfulness meditation

Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

Learn Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation can help you attain a state of calmness and tranquility. A person who knows how to meditate can do so anytime and anywhere, while walking, attending a meeting, waiting in line, or riding the subway. For newcomers you can attend classes or read books take courses.

Mindfulness meditation helps reduce anxiety by helping you focus on one thought or object. It also helps you eliminate negative thoughts, nagging worries and negative emotions.

Mindfulness meditation can help calm your mind and take back control of your thoughts. Since its introduction to the West, millions of people have benefited from mindfulness meditation, and now lead healthier, happier lives. This is because they are now have a powerful tool that helps them deal with any challenge that come their way.

The antidote to anxiety

When a person experiences physical or psychological stress, physical changes have a negative effect on the body. Stress triggers your fight-or-flight reaction which is your body’s way of preparing to react to a stressful situation. If your body continues to experience this stress continuously, the effects to your physical and mental health can be devastating. This stressful lifestyle can cause heart disorders, hypertension, and even lead to panic attacks.

Western medical science often uses pharmaceuticals to reduce stress and anxiety. The problem with these pharmaceuticals is that they are merely a Band-Aid at best and often either don’t work at all or cause problems that are even worse than the originals. On the other hand, learning mindfulness meditation can help you cope with stress and enable you to handle any situation that arises without being rattled.

Scientific studies have found that mindfulness meditation helps calm the body when you are exposed to a fight-or-flight situation. It does this by decreasing muscle tension and reducing blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate and oxygen consumption which are all beneficial to your body.

Additionally, the immediate psychological benefits gained from regularly practicing meditation can help prevent panic attacks. Mindfulness meditation can be considered an “anti-stress agent” to help you remain calm and relaxed.

Mindfulness meditation is an effective means of attaining and maintaining emotional balance and good health overall. It’ a wonderful means of dealing with stress as well as lessening the occurrence of panic attacks

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