Seven Simple Anxiety Relaxation Techniques

anxiety relaxation techniques

Reduce your anxiety with these 7 anxiety relaxation techniques

Over time, the stress of modern life can build up and give you a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. It can also affect your mental and physical health.

It’s sometimes hard to determine the origin of your anxiety. Sometimes it can come from problems at work. It can come from relationship issues or just from the long drive to and from work every day.

Anxiety can be disabling, making you feel as though you’re unable to do things you’ve done easily your whole life. This condition can play tricks with your mind and wreak havoc with your mental and physical health.

Anxiety Relaxation Techniques

The following are anxiety relaxation techniques you can use to reduce your feelings of nervousness, worry and unease you can live an anxiety-free life.

Start using these simple anxiety relaxation techniques today and soon you’ll be living the calm, relaxed life you deserve:

1. Go Outside

Breathe fresh clean air. When you start feeling stressed and anxious go outside for some fresh air and take some slow, deep breaths. Inhaled slowly fresh air can relax you almost instantly. In just 5 to 10 minutes you’ll feel it calming your entire being.

• Tight, enclosed spaces, like your office can increase your feelings of stress and anxiety. Open spaces tend to calm those feelings.

2. Go to a Yoga Class

A guided yoga class can be incredibly calming. Although Yoga by itself is a great meditation tool, the soft guidance of a yogi’s voice can help to steer you mind to a calm port.

• You can also use DVDs where the yogi helps you with your breathing pattern and explains how certain poses positively impacts your entire being.

• In addition to the calming affect of physical exercise, taking a yoga class can help reduce stress and anxiety in several ways. Surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people can help put you in a healthy state of mind.

3. De-Clutter

Clutter contributes to anxiety so to reduce your anxiousness de-clutter you space and what’s around you.

• Straighten up your office and get rid of the clutter. Take those paperwork mounds and file them away.

• Get rid of the mess in the rooms in your home.

4. Exercise

Studies show that one of the best ways to relieve stress is to exercise regularly. Exercising releases endorphins or “happy” hormones that clam your mind and help you to feel calm and relaxed.

• Your exercise program doesn’t have to involve the gym. Just a couple of 15 minutes walks round the black a day can help reduce your anxiety while feeling fitter.

5. Dump Anxiety Producing Food and Drink         

Some people react negatively to certain foods. Keep track of what you eat and drink and how they affect you.

• If you get jittery from coffee or energy drinks stop drinking them! Coffee and energy drinks have caffeine which can be a quick trigger for anxiety sufferers!

• Try eliminating your morning coffee and see if you feel less anxious.

6. Stop Watching Morning (and evening) News

Nearly all news stories are negative. Because there are so many troubling stories on the news, you’re bound to be affected. While you should keep up with current affairs, if the news makes you anxious avoid watching or listening to it!

• Instead of watching the news, read a news magazine like “The Week” which gives you what’s going on in the world without going into all the gory detail.

• If you want to watch TV watch something lighter like a sit-com or a home renovation show.

7. Visit a Hypnotherapist

Over the many years of helping people reduce their stress and anxiety in my San Diego office, one of the things I hear most often is “I haven’t felt that relaxed in years!” They often report later that their sleep also improved.

If you are suffering from ongoing anxiety I would highly suggest going to a certified hypnotherapist and/or Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner to learn how hypnosis can help you reduce your stress and anxiety.

I’ve helped people all over the word over the phone so even if you’re not in San Diego you can give me a call.

You Can Stop Your Addiction to Stress and Anxiety

Many people have become so used to anxiety that they’ve become addicted to the feelings it gives them. You don’t have to live your life like this.

To get rid of your anxieties try using some or all of these tips today. While you might not be able to eliminate it totally just by making a few adjustments you can shift your thinking and start living the calm, relaxed life of your dreams.


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