Four Easy Methods to Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

stop anxiety and panic attacksWhile everyone gets anxious every now and then, when your anxiety starts to take over it can cause an anxiety or panic attack. The most common reason people have panic attacks is because fight or flight response has gotten out of control, subconsciously triggering your physiological reflexes and putting them in hyper drive.

When your adrenal glands release the same large quantities of adrenaline needed for survival during a life or death situation over something relatively minor it can trigger an anxiety or panic attacks. While this reaction can be very helpful in a life or death situation, it can cause trouble especially when the trigger is simply leaving your house or driving your car. It can also be disabling.

The following tips will help you get those irritating reactions under control.

living in the present moment

Learn to Calm Panic Attacks

1 – Breathing and relaxing is one of the best ways to put an end to anxiety and panic attacks even before it begins. When you feel an episode coming on, the first thing you need to do is to tense and relax your muscles, starting with your face, shoulders, arms or legs. Tense them for a few seconds and then let them relax. At the same time immediately take a few deep, long breaths.

2 – A second way to end anxiety panic attacks before they start is to change your environment or circumstances. If you feel that an episode coming on, drink an ice cold glass of water, sing a song, watch a funny YouTube video or do whatever you need to stop the negative thoughts that can start the episode. If you find something that works, use it the next time.

3 – If at all possible don’t stay away from places or situations that you think that might trigger an episode. Continuing to do this will put you at risk of having an agoraphobia of places or situations where you experience fear. Eventually you might learn to avoid so many places that you become restricted to safe zones and become fearful of the outside world in general. The best thing to do is build your confidence muscles is to go back to the places of fear reminding yourself that it cannot really hurt you.

4 – Keep a journal of the specific strategies that have helped you prevent an episode. This way, if you feel that an episode is about to happen, you can refer to your journal to help you handle it. Keep your journal with you wherever you go. This way no matter when or where an episode happens you can end your panic attack immediately.

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