More Ways to Stop Smoking

ways to quit smoking

Use these ways to quit smoking

When smokers come to my San Diego office and want to use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and hypnotherapy to quit smoking I tell them that although these methods are excellent ways to quit smoking they can’t make you quit smoking.

In fact nothing can make you quit smoking. You have to want to quit smoking.

Why Smokers Just Don’t Quit

While you might say you want to quit smoking the reason you haven’t quit is because it’s just not important to you. As a result you put it off until the time is right.

The problem is the time is never going to be right. You simply have to decide to quit.

Keep Your Mind and Body Occupied

After quitting you need to distract your mind and hands to keep them from looking for cigarettes. Doing some housework or taking a walk is good. You can also use a squeeze ball, anything that keeps your mind off of having a smoke.

Be Aware of Smoking Triggers

You, like smokers everywhere, have your set of triggers. It’s like flipping a switch, one thing happens in your emotional mind to remind you of a cigarette and your subconscious mind return your conscious mind to thoughts of smoking.

For many triggers are things like coffee, after a meal, or tasks requiring concentration. These represent the more common stuff that seems to push smokers to light up.

In order to quit smoking you need to have an awareness of your personal smoking triggers.

Psychological Stop Smoking Techniques

Everyone who has ever smoked knows that quitting isn’t as easy as “mind over matter.” If it was there wouldn’t be any smokers.

You can improve your odds of success by using a number of different “psychological” distractions. If a steaming cup of coffee is the usual accompaniment to your morning cigarette, choose another drink like a smoothie, tea or a glass of orange juice.

Remember: modifying your daily routine is mission crucial to helping your quit.

As for the cigarette you used to have right after eating, do something else after meals. In the evening get out a board game or get your kids or significant other to play chess, cards or checkers with you. Prepare the game table and serve beverages that don’t belong to your list of triggers.

Not only will is this an excellent method to quit smoking, it will also help you get closer to the ones you love.

Right after cleaning the house, have a nice relaxing bubble bath while reading a book or magazine. You can use herbal or bubble bath sachets to help you unwind. It also reminds you that such scents smell better than a lit cigarette or you after smoking one.

3 Days is All it Takes

Realize that the worst symptoms will happen during the first three days.  That’s because in three days all the nicotine will be out of your body. Once the nicotine is out of your body you are free of the physical addiction.

Keep Busy

Keeping your mind and body occupied will reduce the time you think about smoking. So once you start your quest to quit smoking, stay busy. Cram non-stop tasks into the first few weeks.

Once You Stop Smoking

You’ll breathe easier, sleep better and think about smoking less and less.

Use these ways to stop smoking and add more years to your life and more life to your years.

Do it for life!


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Wil is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) hypnotherapist and Qigong Practitioner. His office is located in San Diego, CA.

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