Why You Should Quit Smoking Cigarettes

quit smoking cigarettes

What are reasons to quit smoking cigarettes?

Since the effects of cigarette smoking, are heart disease and cancer, most people that don’t smoke can’t figure out why people continue to smoke.

Nicotine Addiction

The nicotine in tobacco products is an addictive substance. When mixed with the psychological triggers it can be very difficult to quit smoking cigarettes.

Even though that’s true, if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, you can focus on the positive effects quitting can have on your life.

Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

It would seem that the most obvious reason to want to quit smoking cigarettes are the long term health complications that come with smoking.

The World Health Lung Organization tells us that cigarette smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death in the world today. Cancer and emphysema are a huge problem for many people that smoke. Lung caner is the most common but some even end up with cancer of the throat and tongue.

Even if you don’t contract any of these you need to understand the effects of cigarette smoking has on your health since smoking contributes to other conditions like stroke and heart attack.

Second Hand Smoke

The effects of secondhand smoke are another reason to quit smoking cigarettes.

When you smoke, those around you are breathing your smoke and are smoking your cigarette too. While they may not getting quite as much of the toxins as you are when you direction inhale a puff of smoke, they are getting enough of it that it can effect their health in the same way it effects yours.

This is especially a problem in homes where parents smoke around their children. This is because children’s immature lungs sustain lifelong damage from constantly breathing in secondhand smoke. Your pets can also get sick, though that is not something that most smokers think about when considering their reasons to want to quit smoking.

Third Hand Smoke

Some experts have suggested that there is such a thing as third hand smoke. This could also be a good reason to want to quit smoking.

Third hand smoke consists of the residual smell and chemicals that clings to your hair and clothing when you smoke. Some people rarely smell like smoke, but others nearly always do.

If you smell of smoke, you may be carrying third hand smoke in to those that you are wishing to protect by smoking outside. Some experts think that third hand smoke is not a real danger, but you should decide that on your own.

Other Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

There are many other reasons to want to quit smoking cigarettes that are less health related but still might be motivational to you.

When you smoke, you smell like that smoke without realizing it. Only when you quit do you realize one of the worst effects of cigarette smoking is that smokers smell like a chimney to people who don’t smoke.

You also cause everything else in your home and car to smell like smoke, again without even realizing it. If you quit, you will notice the smell lingering in your home so you’ll need to clean it.

Another of effects of cigarette smoking is that it deadens your taste buds, making it hard to enjoy your food’s flavor. So if you want to really enjoy the flavor of your meals, quit smoking.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to quit smoking cigarettes so find yours today. Soon you’ll be breathing and feeling better and you’ll live the rest of your long healthy life smoke free!


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