The High Cost of Smoking Cigarettes

Cost of Smoking

The High Cost of Smoking

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of smokers in my San Diego office who’ve wanted to use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and Hypnotherapy to quit smoking.

For some of these smokers saving money is a more important issue than health.

Maybe you agree…

How Much Can You Save if You Quit Smoking?

You probably have already figured out if you quit smoking you could save hundreds if not thousand dollars a year.

In California the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is about $5.19, in New York it’s $11.90.

Just think about this… If you only smoke two $5.00 packs of cigarettes a week or about a third of a pack a day, you’ll spend $520.00 a year on smoking…

In one year of smoking those two packs a week you could have bought…

  • A laptop computer…
  • A 32 inch flat screen LCD HD TV…
  • Six months of cable service for that TV…
  • 10 haircuts by a Top Stylist…
  • A Round-Trip ticket to Hawaii…
  • And that’s just two packs a week or a half a pack a day!

The Cost of Smoking is Extreme!

The facts are that smoking is just plain expensive!

As you can see, the cost of smoking can have a direct impact on the things you can buy and your lifestyle. Over time the cost of smoking can substantially subtract from the amount of money you can contribute to the living expenses in your household.

The Spiraling Cost of Smoking

Of course if you smoke more than a pack of day the cost of smoking goes up.

Although most smokers start out smoking relatively few cigarettes per day, because of the addictive nature of nicotine, as you continue to smoke you have become more and more hooked. As a result the number of cigarettes you feel you need to smoke each day goes up.

Of course, as you smoke more cigarettes your cost increases. This causes your costs to continue spiraling upward until you paying $10 to $15 dollars a day or more.

You can choose to pay more or you can choose to quit smoking.

Calculating Your Cost of Smoking

Let’s do some simple math.

Right now, let’s figure out how much money you spend on smoking cigarettes. The cost of smoking comes down to some very simple calculations.

First, write down how many packs per day you smoke:

If it’s a quarter of a pack write down .25

A half a pack, write down .5

A whole pack = 1

Two packs = 2…


Next calculate your packs per week:

Multiply the number of packs you smoke per day by 7

For example: If you smoke 1 pack a day

1 pack x 7 days = 7 packs/week

Next calculate your weekly cost:

Multiply the packs per week by your cost per pack

For example: Using the above example of a pack a day.

This equals 7 packs a week.

You spend $5 on each pack

You multiply 7 packs/week x $5 = $35 week

So if you smoke seven packs per week you’re spending $35 a week on cigarettes.

Now to calculate the amount you spend per year:

Multiply your weekly cost by 52.

So for our example this is how it would look:

$35 week x 52 weeks/year = $1,820 year

How Much Do Those Cigarettes Really Cost You?

In 10 years (not including interest) smoking a pack a day equals $18,200.

At a mere 6% interest rate at the end of 10 years this would be $24,854.

Now let me ask you an obvious question, wouldn’t you rather quit smoking and do something extravagant with $24,854 in ten years than have all the health complications you could get from your smoking habit?

Your obvious answer is yes, I know because you’re still reading this. And remember, this is only for one pack a day.

If you smoke two packs, simply double that number to $36,400.

When you add in the interest, (about $12,000) that equals $48,400. You can buy a really nice car for $48,400.

One other thing to remember is that this number is going to continue to rise as the government adds more “sin taxes” to your smoking habit.

How Much Would You Have If You Quit Smoking?

If you were to quit smoking a pack a day today and put only the money you’re using toward cigarettes into a 401(k) that earns you a safe 9% interest, then you’d have over $250,000 or a quarter of a million dollars within the next 30 years.

The Other Costs of Not Quitting

If you don’t quit smoking, then you’ll also end up paying other costs associated with your habit.

For instance, as any dentist will tell you, smokers have bigger dental bills. That’s because smoking causes your teeth and gums to decay.

Smokers need to have their clothes dry cleaned more often just to get the yellow smoke stains and odors out.

You life insurance will cost you more if you smoke. So does your health insurance.

This is because insurers are very aware of the impact smoking has on the cost of insurance and are making smokers pay for that increase.

This will probably continue to rise as insurance companies try to reel in costs.

Do you need to sell your car?

If you’ve been smoking in it, you won’t get as much for your trade-in as you would if you hadn’t smoked in it.

Plus, recent studies have shown that smokers earn less and in today’s workplace, probably because the smoking habit makes them seemingly less desirable employees.

As more companies assume a no-smoking policy smokers are at actually at risk of becoming unemployable.

The Bottom Line

These calculations of the cost of smoking don’t even factor in the healthcare costs associated with smoking that you’ll probably encounter.

Who can put a price on the cost of heart disease, lung cancer, cancer of the mouth and larynx, emphysema and the rest of those smoking related diseases?

When you consider these costs, the cost of smoking is enormous.

Here’s the bottom line.

You want to quit smoking for your health, but you may also want to quit smoking to reduce your financial waste.

Stop smoking and put the money you save to use toward your lifelong dreams.

No matter how you do it, look for a way to quit smoking that will work for you and start on it today!

You and your future are worth it!


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