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Use Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and  Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Wil Dieck – San Diego Master NLP Practitioner and Weight Loss Hypnotherapist

My name’s Wil Dieck, a San Diego Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist who helps people using weight loss hypnotherapy and NLP.

I want to ask you a question:

How long have you been struggling to lose weight?

If you’re like most of the people who have come to my San Diego office to use Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and weight loss hypnotherapy, you’ve already lost lots of weight, perhaps hundreds of pounds.

The real issue isn’t that you don’t know what to do to lose weight– the real issue is you don’t do it or you only do lose weight for a short time.

Nearly everyone who is overweight has gone up and down the weight loss roller coaster many times. Then after each ride down your weight goes back up and it goes a little higher and stays at the top a little longer than before.

Then it takes a lot longer to go down and then it doesn’t stay down very long.

The real issue is the programs you’ve used up to now have made you feel like a failure because they only focus on short term weight loss.

These programs tell you that all you need to do is eat their “special” diet or follow their “special” exercise program and you’ll quickly lose weight – and you do – at least for a little while – but after you get tired of doing all those “special” things the weight comes back and it makes you feel like a failure.

But you can keep the weight off permanently using Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and weight loss hypnotherapy.

NLP and Hypnotherapy are NOT Magic Pills for Weight Loss

I want to be totally honest with you. Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques are NOT magic pill for weight loss. Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and hypnotherapy will not give your spontaneous weight loss – nor will they help you miraculously begin losing weight.

What Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and hypnotherapy will do is help you establish healthy weight loss goals and a new, healthy weight management mindset. It’s your new mindset that will enable you to safely lose weight and then keep it off.

The Truth About Weight Loss

For most people weight loss comes down to a simple equation:

Calories in (food) minus Calories out (activity) Equals Weight Gain or Loss

The equation looks like this:

Calories in – Calories out = Weight Gain or Loss

Diet – The First Half of the Equation

Your diet, what you eat, is half the equation for weight loss. Dieting works by helping you reduce your calories in.

By the way, that’s why diet pills work. They help you reduce your calorie intake, at least for a while.

The problem with dieting and diet pills are you cannot continue to diet or take diet pills indefinitely.

Once you stop dieting or taking diet pills you start gaining weight.

Exercise –the Other Half

Activity or exercise is the other half of this equation.

If you increase your activity level you will lose weight, it should be that simple…

Many people increase their eating as they increase their activity so they lose weight very slowly or not at all.

The problem with the exercise only method is if you stop exercising you don’t reduce your calorie intake and you will gain back the weight you lost… …and maybe even more.

Permanent Weight Loss

In order to lose weight permanently you need to do two things:

hypnotherapy weight loss

Weight Loss Calculations

reduce the calories you take in


increase your activity level.

In other words you have to eat less and exercise more and keep doing them both.

You have to make a permanent change in your health habits.

How to Form New Healthy Habits

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Stop Trying to Lose Weight

When you were three you were probably taught to brush your teeth. You also learned how to put on your clothes. At first, these were difficult but, once you learned how to do them… …they became something that you didn’t think twice about.

Why? Because they are habits, just something you do.

This is the way you want to think about your health habits. They are just something that you do on a regular basis.

Healthy Habits Form in Your Subconscious Mind

Before your new behaviors become habits they have to be formed and reinforced in your subconscious mind.

To help you accomplish this Total Mind Therapy two powerful, proven therapies, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and weight loss hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

When Oprah asked Jean Fain, a Harvard Medical School psychotherapist about hypnotherapy for weight loss Dr. Fain told her, “Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight.”

Hypnotherapy is actually one of the most urban mythologized and yet most powerful therapeutic tools in use today.

It was first recognized as a potent life changing therapy by the American Medical Association in 1958. Since then experts have used hypnosis in medicine, dentistry, psychology, professional sports, education as well as many other areas of life. The use of hypnosis has been well documented in books, audio tapes and even television shows like Oprah and Myth Busters.

Weight Loss Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques

Created in the mid 1970’s, when compared to hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a fairly new technology. It is used to help you change how your mind processes information, quickly and easily. Since most of your behaviors, like overeating and not exercising, happen automatically, NLP can help you shift your thinking, giving you healthier alternatives.

How Total Mind Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight

When you combine Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and weight loss hypnotherapy with Total Mind Therapy’s healthy weight management system you are better able to visualize what you want and why you want it. This is how Total Mind Therapy enables you to develop the automatic behaviors you need to look and feel great – for life!

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Kathy Sullivan

“It is Total Mind Therapy I was taken off guard at how the therapy helped me in area, like stress relief that I didn’t expect help with.

Total Mind Therapy helped me in my ability to put myself into a state of hypnosis and relax and gain the body I desire.” – Kathy Sullivan, San Diego, CA

Take The Action That You Need for Permanent Weight Loss!

Can this system work for you? Can you use hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to permanently change your health and fitness habits?

The answer is “Yes – you can”.

This system was designed to help people, just like you, deal with issues that, in the past, would have had them reaching for chocolate or spoons of ice cream, in a healthy manner.

This system will help you develop the motivation you need to choose making time for exercise instead of eating chips while watching television.

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and hypnotherapy you can develop the weight loss habits you need to lose weight and keep it off.

These new healthy habits will allow you to choose to eat right and to finally take ownership of your weight issue – once and for all.

“I feel that there is more relaxation and focus in my day to day activities.

I am able I am able to become more comfortable in my own skin and to shift my awareness to a body that is alive and well and healthy.” – Helen Schurig, San Diego, CA

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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

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