8 Habits of Highly Successful People That Guarantee Success

habits of highly successful people

Use these habits of highly successful people

It’s been said that successful people merely have successful habits. That’s something that nearly all Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioners would agree on.

What are habits? Habits are simply things we do using other than conscious processes. Other than conscious process are actions caused by our minds, such as the beating of your heart, or stepping on the breaks of your car when a person steps out into the street in front of you, things you don’t think about.

I’m hallucinating that if you are over 8 years old you brush your teeth without thinking about it. You are also able to tie your shoes without having to think of how to do it. These also are other than conscious processes. This means habits are things we do without thinking about them.

Modeling Success

One of the most powerful processes used by Neuro Linguistic Programming is a process called modeling. Modeling is simply observing the successful behaviors we see in others and then copying that behavior. By modeling behavior we shift the way we approach things and this shift in thinking helps to change our results.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

One thing Neuro Linguistic Programming understands is that building a model of success takes time. That’s because the behavior you model needs to turn into a habit that repeats itself automatically every time the same situation occurs. This can be tough in the beginning but the good news is that if you model a successful behavior and practice it enough it will become a success habit.

Here are 8 Habits of Highly Successful People You can Use to Take You Toward Success:

  1. Plan your day in advance

Start your day with a bang by making a to-do list before you go to bed. This will give you a list of activities you need to do the following day. You’ll go to bed and sleep better because you won’t be thinking “What do I need to do tomorrow?” as you drop off to sleep. The next day you’ll get more done because you’ll be working your plan instead of spending the morning trying to plan your day.

  1. Prioritize your activities

In my book, “Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset” I talk about the importance of choosing your most important values. You also need to do this for the work you do every day. Ruthlessly prioritize your activities and choose the one action that is more important than the rest.

After making your to-do list, chisel it down to the most important activity and start your day there. Then, once you start focus on it until it’s complete.

  • Eat your big frog first. What’s the big frog? Your big frog is the most difficult task of your most important activity. Let others focus on doing what’s easiest. You’ll be working on what’s most effective. This definitely is a habit you should model.
  1. Get enough sleep

For most people this is between 7-8 hours of sleep. While many people claim to do just fine on 4-6 hours of sleep, studies have found that no one is as effective with 6 hours of sleep as they are with 7. While you can get by for a day or two with less, getting 7 hours each night will help you perform your best.

  1. Pray or meditate

Prayer and meditation helps you to get and stay in touch with your spirituality. In the martial arts we have a saying “mind, body AND SPIRIT”. That’s because your spiritual life is vitally important to your creativity and your overall life balance. Just fifteen minutes a day will provide you with a nice break and the opportunity to rethink and regroup.

  1. Have a daily exercise program

Exercise is important not only for your physical health, but studies have found that it also improves your mental alertness and, in turn, your self-esteem. One of the habits that nearly all highly successful people share is exercising each and every day, rain or shine. It doesn’t matter the time of day that you exercise, only that you do it consistently.

  1. Take 5 minutes during the day to review your goals

The only way you can get to port if you’re on a ship in the ocean is to check your charts to make sure you’re still on course. That’s what you’re doing when you check your goals during the day – reminding yourself of your objectives. Your brain is wonderful at finding solutions, so keep reminding it of the primary challenge in your life. Reviewing your goals creates and maintains a target.

  1. Review your progress every evening

Another habit of highly successful people is to use everything you do as feedback. Examine your day’s progress or lack of it and use it to give you feedback for how you’re doing each day.

The feedback frame is another process used in Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you focus on success. The feedback frame is simply acknowledging your successes and failures and using your experience as feedback. If you didn’t achieve what you set out to you can use that experience to avoid making the same errors over and over.

An easy way to do this is to start with the morning and work your way sequentially through your day.

  • Use this question to improve, “What could I have done better?”
  • Also be sure to review your successes. Ask yourself, “What did I do well today?”

By recognizing your successes you’ll know what to do next time, increasing the likelihood of the same result happening again.

  1. Be here and now

Although mindfulness is all the rage today, the idea has been around since the beginning of recorded history. Mindfulness is keeping your mind on the task at hand instead of all the distractions around you. Being in the present keeps you from worrying about the future or regretting the past. Mindfulness allows you to be productive and makes your life more enjoyable.

These Habits Can Guarantee Success!

Use these simple suggestions to choose the behaviors you want to have as habits. Find people who are doing successfully what you’d like to do and model their behavior.

Start each day the night before, get plenty of sleep then review what you’ve done. And don’t forget to take a few minutes to meditate or pray. This will help you stay in the moment.

Start small and with only a single habit. Build and expand as each activity becomes ingrained as an other than conscious process. As these habits become automatic you’ll find yourself moving faster and easier towards the success you deserve!


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