How to Motivate Yourself

motivate yourself

How do you motivate yourself ?

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”John Wooden

People sometimes come to my office and tell me “I just can’t get motivated,” as if they had no control over their motivation. But, just like I explain to my clients, in order to accomplish your dreams you need to figure out what motivates you.

Understanding your own motivation is a key to your success. Then, when times get tough you can draw the energy you need to keep you going, no matter how tough things might seem.

4 Steps to Uncover Your Internal Motivation:

1. Think about the toughest experience that ever happened to you.

Now, answers to these questions:

• What was your focus? Was it what you thought would happen as a result? Was it how it made you feel? Was it having to do the “right thing?” Was it what your parents might think? Was it not being shown up in front of your peers?

• How did you decide on how you were going to handle what happened?

• How did you resolve the issue?

2. Think about 2 or 3 of your biggest achievements.

For example, graduating from college or moving, making it through a move from one city to another, getting that big promotion or winning a sporting event.

Now answer these questions:

• What steps did you take to achieve your goal?

• How much did you doubt that you could achieve it?

• What did you focus on during the process?

• Where did you find your motivation to continue? Was it inside you or outside of you?

• Did you have a vision of what it would be like when you achieved your goal?

3. Think about what you’ve discovered.

Answering these questions will help you discover what motivates you. Think about your answers.

4. Now what motivates you?

What you’ll find is you are consistently motivated by a few things. These might be:

• Making more money.

• Pursuing your passion.

• Overcoming challenges.

• Doing “the right thing.”

• Seeking variety.

• Getting recognition and (hopefully) admiration.

• Pleasing your parents (or being better than your siblings).

• Improve your kid’s future.

• Prove something to yourself.

• Validate who you are.

• Overcome a childhood difficulty.

• Do something that that “really matters.”

• It keeps you focused and busy.

This list is not complete and can include anything you want.

You can Start Motivating Yourself Now

No matter what you want to improve or accomplish, uncovering what motivates you will propel you towards success. Just follow this simple process to uncover your motivators.

This will allow you to achieve whatever you seek in life.


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