Developing Mental Toughness

mental toughness

Developing mental toughness

“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.”Abraham Lincoln

One of the great stories of mental toughness is Abraham Lincoln.

In order to make a name for himself, Lincoln joined the army to fight in the Black Hawk war as a captain. He left as a private.

He was uneducated, but taught himself to read books and eventually became a well respected lawyer and later a congressman.

In 1858 Lincoln ran for a seat in the Illinois senate and was part of a series of hotly contested debates.  Although Lincoln lost the election he impressed the Republican Party leaders and, as a result, he was able to run for president.

Of course as you already know he won and went on to be one of our best presidents.

Abraham Lincoln could be the definition of mental toughness.

Mental toughness is the stuff of Olympic athletes, Navy Seals, Black Belts and great leaders, like Abraham Lincoln.

What is mental toughness? It’s the ability to use your talents and abilities to perform at the highest level possible no matter how difficult the situation placed in front of you.

Mental toughness helps you bounce back from great adversity. It helps you to move forward and start overt again.

The Characteristics of Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

Find Out How to Black Belts Develop Mental Toughness

People who bounce back from any sort of adversity have a great deal of resilience. It’s a major characteristic of anyone who is able to dust themselves off and get back into the game of life.

Some people run into troubles and are practically destroyed by misfortune. Many of these people remain victims.

Other people run into adversity and come back even stronger. These resilient people have some very unique traits.

Here is a list of 6 traits of mental toughness:

1. Optimism

Like all people, mentally tough people regularly run into problems. The difference is how they respond to those challenges.

Unlike people who remain victims of circumstances, mentally tough people see current challenges as temporary. They expect that things will improve in the near future.

The law of attraction states you get what you expect. Mentally tough people expect the best result and they get it.

2. Accepting Difficulties

Mentally tough people realize that bad things are bound to happen. Instead of running from the issues that arise they accept them with a minimal amount of emotional fuss.

A common characteristic of mentally tough people is they can control their emotions and stay calm no matter the situation.

3. Focus on Their Strengths

Mentally tough people focus on their strengths. They use their knowledge and abilities to take action and overcome their difficulties and succeed.

4. Work on What They Can Change

Mentally tough people don’t worry about the things that are out of their influence or control. They focus on changing the things that can be changed.

5. Take Action

One of the characteristics of mental toughness is these people don’t wait for someone else to come and save them. They take action and do everything they can to help themselves.

6. Embrace Risk

Mental toughness requires forward thinking. Forward thinking people understand that living a full life means you need to take risks.

People with a high-degree of mental toughness look at their possibilities and are willing to take on a reasonable degree of risk to create an even better future.

Do you have these traits?

Do you already have these strengths? Would you like to improve your mental toughness?

Some researchers suggest that the ability to respond strongly in the face of adversity has a genetic component. They argue that some people are simply born with a greater capacity to deal with challenging issues than others.

But everyone has the capacity to deal with adversity.

For example, at some point, you’ve probably misplaced your keys in the morning. You probably didn’t instantly say to yourself, “Well the day is lost. I’m going back to bed.” You decided to look for your keys and continued looking until you found them.

Try these tips for building your mental toughness:

1. Focus on the Positive and Be Grateful

Your life will go in the direction you focus. So why not focus on the things you have in your favor.

There is much in your life to be grateful for, so instead of thinking about your shortcomings, why not think about the things you’re grateful for?

2. Read or Think About Mentally Tough People

Mental Toughness

Find Out How to Black Belts Develop Mental Toughness

Did you know that Albert Einstein did not speak until he was four years old? He didn’t read until he was seven.

Albert Einstein was called “mentally slow, unsociable and adrift forever in his foolish dreams” by his teacher. He was refused admittance to ZurichPolytechnicSchool.

The University of Bern called his Ph.D. dissertation irrelevant and fanciful and rejected it.

Stories like these can inspire you.

Examine how other people have handled challenging situations. What can you learn from them?

3. Be Solution Focused

Mentally tough people focus on how to solve their challenges by looking for solutions. Think about how to solve your dilemma instead of wallowing in it.

4.  Ask for Help

Mental toughness doesn’t mean you are an island.

Everything seems easier with a little help and support so ask friends and family for help and advice. Their input can help you put your challenge into perspective.

Start Using These Mental Toughness Today

Challenges and adversity are facts of life.

You can choose how to handle that adversity. By adapting these mental toughness tips you can break past patterns.

Use these tips to develop your mental toughness to the highest possible level and start living the life of your dreams!


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