How to Become Mentally Fit through Physical Fitness

mentally fit

Exercise is a vital part of being mentally fit

We have a saying in the martial arts; mind, body, spirit. Your physical, mental and spiritual states are co-related. When all are working in harmony you become the being possible.

Mental Fitness

If you are unbalanced, experiencing situations that put a strain on your mental processes, it can make you feel stressed out and unable to make decisions. Becoming mentally fit can be difficult, but it’s much easier if you work on your physical fitness first.

By keeping your body strong and in good shape you are also developing the type of mental toughness needed to get you through your day and in today’s environment there has never been a more urgent need to do just that.

Use these tips to become more physically and mentally fit:

1. Make your workouts challenging           

While there’s no need to exhaust yourself, and your workouts should never be so tough that it takes three days to recover from, it should make you uncomfortable. By challenging yourself, testing your limits instead of doing what you know you can, test your limits; you are building what’s known as GRIT.

• GRIT is a term coined by Angela Lee Duckworth, PhD. For more information on what GRIT is watch this TedX Video –

• In the martial arts we have a term known as the indomitable spirit. You can develop this type of spirit by jogging outdoors during winter instead of on the treadmill. Jogging outside in the cold tests your physical limits while at the same time building the confidence that lets you know that you can succeed.

• The determination and confidence you build though your physical challenges can be transferred to other parts of your life. There are always going to be uncomfortable life situations but the confidence you’ve gained by overcoming fitness challenges can be used to equip you with the determination you need to succeed in mentally challenging situations.

2. Enter Competitions

Competitions can be intimidating; especially if you have a tough opponent, but tough opponents help you grow.  As you participate in more competitions, you develop the knowledge and GRIT that tells you “I can do this” when a difficult situation arises.

• Invite someone who is better at a challenge than you to a contest. You will only learn from people who are better than you. They can help you identify your shortcomings and strengthen your skills.

• Competition helps you to come to terms with your abilities. While you may not be as impressive as your opponent, competition helps you to develop an appreciation for the skill level you’ve reached.

• remember, you learn best when you keep pride from pushing you beyond your limits. While you want to do well in competition, being injured isn’t going to make you better.

3. Utilize Speed Training

When you take part in speed training you are working you fast twitch muscles. Fast twitch muscles get their name because they are able to fire more rapidly.

• You use fast twitch muscles while practicing sprints. As you practice sprints and work on shortening your reaction time you are helping yourself work more efficiently. That’s because decreasing reaction time can help you make good decisions while under pressure.

• Speed training not only helps you work quickly but also accurately. While it’s great if you can speed through tasks, it’s even better if you do it while minimizing mistakes. Speed training can help you develop this powerful combination.

Start Using Your Exercise Program to Become More Mentally Fit Today

It’s time to start working your body and your mind together, as a team. By developing your body you are supporting your mind in ways you might not have even thought about. It will help your mind function optimally which will benefit you both personally and professionally both now and for the rest of your life.


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